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Huntingdon, Nuns Bridge 1901

Photo of Huntingdon, Nuns Bridge 1901

Huntingdon, Nuns Bridge 1901

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Memories of Huntingdon

I Remember...

I remember Huntingdon's High Street in 1965. I was only a little girl then, holding on to my grandmother's hand.  My grandparents were Kate and Reginald Wayman and they lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Huntingdon by Gillian Shaw

About 1940

Around about 1940 I was evacuated to Huntingdon, my age was about 5 or 6 years. I remember I stayed with a little old lady and I think she had one son who came home on leave while I ...Read full memory

A memory of Huntingdon by Maureen Salle

Osman's Of Huntingdon

A truly old-fashioned type of ironmonger and household ware store seen here on the immediate right of the picture. My mother, Mrs. Ruby Chandler would have been working here ...Read full memory

A memory of Huntingdon by Barry W J Chandler

Oxmoor Estate

Hi, I lived on the Oxmoor estate, No.61 Thongsley. Ken and Ann, Vera and Joe Padian, Lilly and Paddy, if you are still living there and remember me I would love to hear from any of ...Read full memory

A memory of Huntingdon by Beryl Clark

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