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Kirkburton, North Road c.1955

Photo of Kirkburton, North Road c.1955

Kirkburton, North Road c.1955

Ref. K75020

Memories of Kirkburton

Kirkburton C Of E School And All Hallows Church

Adding to Mr Wroe's memories, I believe that the school Headmaster in 1945 was a Mr Henry Gardam and that Mr Ronald Pearson joined the school ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkburton by Alan Smith

Willie Jenks

Seeing the familiar stance of Willie Jenks reminds me of the Saturdays when I walked from Shelley Lane with my mate Malcolm 'Pinger' Fitton to get our hair cut. We sat waiting for ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkburton by David Pimm

Kitkburton Primary School

I attended Kirkburton First School (School Hill), prior to this I was sent to a Catholic school in Huddersfield, although living in Burton at the time, there was no ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkburton by Mary Ryan

The Post Office And The Barber's Shop.

The white coated figure to the right is the barber Willie Jenks,standing outside his shop.He slicked back his hair with Brylcream and specialised in ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkburton by James Wroe

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About this photo

Just five miles south of Huddersfield on the road to Wakefield, Kirkburton in the 19th century was just as polluted by smoke as its near neighbours. The town was full of woollen mills and corset factories and was surrounded by numerous collieries. Later, the town became a centre for 'fancy' goods such as cords, velveteens and fine woollens.

This is an excerpt from West Yorkshire Photographic Memories, by Robert Preedy