Photo of Luton, Congregational Church 1897

Luton, Congregational Church 1897

Neg. 39719

Memories of Luton


I started school at Oakley Road School which was near Leagrave High Street.I don't remember much about it except for the long walk to and from from Locarno Avenue where my family ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by icknield21

Central Youth Club Waller Street

Any one remember the Central Youth Club in Waller Street oposite the indoor Baths??Had some great times there and met my husband there 55 years ago. The Freddie Arnold ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Ann Walker

Alexander Hospital.

I was in Alexander Hospital as a boy of 8 years old with medical problems. I can recall a Mr Hammonds came every week to take some of us to the local church service. I also remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Raymond Marks


I don't remember any of those places...can't remember at what age we moved from Sundown Park to Luton. I know I was 9 1/2 when we left for London ...don't remember going to school in Luton ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Bella Croan

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