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Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Photo of Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

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Memories of Minehead

////The /////Mentone Hotel. /The /Parks./Minehead

I was born in Birmingham in 1943. My parents and my aunt and uncle (Les and Beat Bradshaw) purchased The Mentone in The Parks around 1949. A double decker bus ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Kevin Phillips


P Aden : I was at Butlins as well. (1962 - 1964) I remember the big dipper thing; we used to call it The Mouse. I often went up on it. I wonder what the camp is like now. Horrible dump, blasting out rap music probably.

A memory of Minehead by First Name Last Name

Timberscombe, Somerset

I was evacuated to Timberscombe with my sister on 1st September 1939, I was 7 years old and was billeted at I think it was called "Sunnyside". The evacuees used to go to ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Evelyn Hilton

Church Town

In 1960 my home was just out of shot: next door to the house that is partly visible on the far right of the picture. I lived at number 18 Church Street, Church Street being the road ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Pam Gotham

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