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Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Photo of Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

Minehead, Wellington Square 1923

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Memories of Minehead


P Aden : I was at Butlins as well. (1962 - 1964) I remember the big dipper thing; we used to call it The Mouse. I often went up on it. I wonder what the camp is like now. Horrible dump, blasting out rap music probably.

A memory of Minehead by First Name Last Name

My Childhood In Minehead

My auntie Mary used to run the donkeys on the beach. I spent each school holiday in Minehead Swimming Pool and remember the Juke Box in the cafeteria area very well. When ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by Barry Johns

Worked At The Hospital

I worked at the hospital in Minehead in the early 70's, as a nurse/midwife. Lived in Selbourne Place mostly. Also worked as a nurse in the medical unit at Butlins in 1970, for all of 6-8 weeks. It was a lovely place to live.

A memory of Minehead by Yvonne Turner

My Time At The Camp.

I was born in Minehead, and have also lived in Kitswell, Dunster, Williton, Timberscombe and Rodhuish, and attended all the schools. My first job after leaving Minehead School ...Read full memory

A memory of Minehead by P Aden

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