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Croydon, St John's Church 1890

Photo of Croydon, St John's Church 1890

Croydon, St John's Church 1890

Ref. 27825A

Memories of Croydon

Born In Croydon 1953

I was born at Mayday Hospital 1953. I had an older brother, John Read, and sisters, Judith and Gillian. John went to the Catholic school St Peters and Gillian ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Clare Read

Croydon Town Hall And Library

I too remember the town hall and library and the damage done during a wartime bombing raid. The repairs took a long time to do but were so good it was impossible to see where the damage had been done. The reference library was second to none and it helped my brother and I pass our exams.


I have just discovered this website tonight and the strange thing is that I was thinking about Surrey Street market only last week. I moved to Croydon when I was a small ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by Sue Page

My Name Is Silvya Waston

My name is Silvya Waston, born 1943 at St Mary's, went to school at Fair Childs, lived in Grenville Road. My dad was John Waston, if there is anybody out there who knows me please email.

A memory of Croydon by Allan Kesterton

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