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Ochtertyre, House, The Grounds 1899

Photo of Ochtertyre, House, The Grounds 1899

Ochtertyre, House, The Grounds 1899

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Memories of Ochtertyre


My mother & father were the cook & butler to Col Dundas & Mrs Dundas. They arrived from Italy straight after their wedding searching for work. My eldest sister was born while they were in ...Read full memory

A memory of Ochtertyre by Jo Paris

The Saughs

My Mother (know as Betty Scott in those days) who is now 91 lived at The Saughs (Saughs Cottage now) from 1923 to 1936 (ish)  - probably aged 3 to 17. Mum was a foster child and ...Read full memory

Horse Riding On The Estate

I used to go to school with Jeanie Dundas whos family lived at Ochtertyre. Her father was one of 3 survivers of the Hood. Jeanie and I would ride her horse Pedro all ...Read full memory

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