Photo of Pickmere, The Lake c.1955

Pickmere, The Lake c.1955

Neg. P272008

Memories of Pickmere

Platts Farm

I remember Platts Farm. My gran lived in a bungalow (a wooden hut really) right at the far end of the field. There was a small pond and a little stream running through it. We went there ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickmere by Doreen Malone

Remebering Pickmere

I remember long bus rides to my Auntie Molly and Uncle Harry's house, going with my grandad, who was well known around there - He is who I'm trying to gain information of, as my ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickmere by Paula Hogan

Thows Lake Cottage Tea Rooms

My mother spent many happy times at Pickmere. Thow's tea rooms was owned by her aunt and uncle, John and Annie Thow. As a child she would help out selling ice cream and ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickmere by Janice Baxter

Pickmere Boating Lake

My wife came across John Baylies memories of Jack Spence. I was the little lad who also helped bring water from the spring. I only lived over the fields and was always down ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickmere by Daniel Lees

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About this photo

Unlike the recently formed flashes, Pick Mere ('the lake where pike are found') is a natural feature. It was formed as a hollow in the ground filled with melted ice at the end of the Ice Age. There were many such hollows, but most of them have long since dried out. Notice that the lake is called Pick Mere, but the village that sits beside it is Pickmere.