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Memories of Romford

Heather Jones

I was in Manor Road Children's Home and at Xmas we stood in a line to pick a second-hand toy from a tressel table which people gave to the home. I was at the back and I picked a doll with a china head that had a hole in, but to me it was wonderful. Oh, so many memories...

A memory of Romford

Memory Joggers

We moved to Romford in 1954. First we lived at Mawneys and attended the primary school there. In 1955 we moved to Oaks Avenue and I attended Pettits Lane Secondary Modern School. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Brenda Gower

1935 To 1952

I moved to 146 Warren Drive at the age of one and lived there till I was 18 years old. I went to Benhurst Avenue School then to Suttons Lane Secondary Modern. I remember the bomb ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Barbara Williams

Rush Green Romford

Hi, I'm an ex Romford lad, I lived in 61 Douglas Road from 1942-1958. When I left school in 1950 I started work in the London Co-op in Park Lane as an errand boy. I bought my ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by John Gower

Romford's Market Town Long Gone!

I lived at 81 Junction Road from the age of 3 - 11 from 1946 - 1953. The house was one of 4 large detached houses close to the railway which have been demolished, ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Mary Hill

Shopping Hall

I worked in Romford shopping hall in 1960 for Learners Curtains and Fabrics. l was only fourteen and l worked there every Saturday and Wednesday and Friday after school. A good place to work, very busy in those days. Worked with many guys includin Fred Rich and Len Pugh.

A memory of Romford by Peter Bailey

This Is The Road I Lived In With My Parents In The Sixties

This is the street where I lived with my parents, Bert and Muriel Palmer. We lived in number 63. Mawney Road School was over the back of our garden.

A memory of Romford by Victor Palmer

Working At Oldchurch Hospital

I started training to be a nurse at Oldchurch in 1968, I made great friends with Joy Webb and Janet Knox. I remember the tuck shop across the road where I would have to ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Pamela Woodock (Nee Geeves)

School Days

I attended this school in 1952-1956. I can remember Miss Bubbers the headmistress well. She roamed the corridors with her black gown flowing about her. A very stern and not to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Gloria Friend


My mother used to take me from Hornchurch on the 66 bus when i was a small child. She always went to Lous' stall opposite the cinema (flea pit as we called it) She knew him well and could ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Gloria Friend

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