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Salcombe, Waterhead, Horse And Wagon 1922

Photo of Salcombe, Waterhead, Horse And Wagon 1922

Salcombe, Waterhead, Horse And Wagon 1922

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Memories of Salcombe


Salcombe of the past.

A memory of Salcombe

Ss Channel Queen

This vessel was built by Messrs Craggs of Middlesbrough - launched 13th July 1895. 185 ft long - Gross tonnage 386 tons with full electric lighting. She ran a regular service ...Read full memory

A memory of Salcombe by Colin Vosper

Courtenay Park Salcombe

This view of Courtenay Park is quite poignant for me.  It shows houses at the lower end of Devon Road and also the land on which Egremont Terrace was later built. My ...Read full memory

Normandy Way

As someone who was born in Courtenay Street, Salcombe in 1941, I have a fairly good knowledge of local people. The man on the extreme left of the picture in waders is Larry Prinn or ...Read full memory

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