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Seaford, Splash Point 1906

Photo of Seaford, Splash Point 1906

Seaford, Splash Point 1906

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Memories of Seaford

East Quinton Boarding School

I went to a boarding school just ouside Seaford, called East Quinton. They were happy days as we used to walk from the back of the school to play in the trenches. I often wonder if they are still there.

A memory of Seaford by Gloria Moat

Cliff View House And Martello Tower

Cliff view house was a small school just behind the esplanade .It is now an old peoples home.It was what was known as a crammers, a place designed to push pupils ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaford by Ian Briton

East Quinton School From Early 1973 1975

My name is Junior Mayhew and I also went to East Quinton School from early 1973-1975. The boarding school small pupil wise, but had lots of land to play on ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaford by Junior Mayhew

My Days At East Quinton School

I went to East Quinton School in September 1978 and was one of the first pupils to enter the school after it had been refurbished. Mr Smith was the headmaster at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaford by Owen Spence

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