Photo of Sheringham, Pretty Corner 1921

Sheringham, Pretty Corner 1921

Neg. 70998

Memories of Sheringham

Over The Bump To Play Football

This photograph illustrates all too well the erosion of the cliffs. The profile of Beeston Bump seen in the background of this ...Read full memory

Grand Hotel

I have just obtained a print of Sheringham promenade with a building on the left on top of a hill. I searched through these photos and came across the Grand Hotel - and that is the ...Read full memory

The Beach

When I look at these old photos, Sheringham has not changed that much, it's very strange though seeing the old Grand Hotel.  I used to take the ponies round the roundabout as a ...Read full memory

Names Of Lifeboatmen....

The gentleman laying on the ground in the front is my great grandfather John 'Teapot' West.  He was a fisherman and lifeboatman but also well known for being a ...Read full memory

A memory of Sheringham by Claire Allen

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