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Sleaford, North Parade c.1950

Photo of Sleaford, North Parade c.1950

Sleaford, North Parade c.1950

Ref. S483028

Memories of Sleaford

Fun Times

i have fond memories of sleaford staying with my grand parents on st giles avenue , going to the wreck to play going swimming and best of all going to the market to see all the live stock ...Read full memory

A memory of Sleaford by Becky Wilson

Sleaford In The 50`S

I was a member of staff at Rauceby Hospital 1951 - 56 and have many memories of Sleaford at that time. I was a member of the Sleaford weight lifting club which had a work - ...Read full memory

A memory of Sleaford by Clifford Charlesworth

My Husband´S Home

My husband, Mike Kirton, lived in the second house on the right as a small boy with his parents and younger brother. A number of his family also lived on this stretch of the Parade. I moved to Sleaford in 1963, but lived further up the Parade at No 90. Even then it looked the same.

A memory of Sleaford by Sue Kirton

Sleaford County Secondary School

Hi there, Anyone out there who went to the Sec Mod from 1964 to 1970. I was in 1A1, etc all the way through the GCE classes. I was also Head Boy in 1969-70 (not ...Read full memory

A memory of Sleaford by Richard Drury

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