Photo of Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Stanwell, The Village Hall c.1955

Neg. S588029

Memories of Stanwell

Memories Of Stanwell

I am a Stanwellian but I have lived in Sussex for 40 years. My memories of the village are the large mansion in Oaks Road almost opposite the entrance to the recreation park, ...Read full memory

A Sunday Walk And Picnic .

During the summer of 1948 my family moved to a new council house in Station Crescent, Ashford near my mum's parents. We used to go on a walk to dad's parents in Viola ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell

The Winter Of 1947

We had to leave our prefab because of the deep snow and ice, and walked to stay with my aunt and uncle in Village Way, Ashford until the snow thawed.

A memory of Stanwell

Stanwell Palace

Stanwell Palace - This was a stately residence which we as children always called Stanwell Palace. It was indeed owned by the Iraq Royal Family and was the Official residence of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Stanwell by Keith Waters

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