Photo of Trowbridge, Town Hall And Market Hall 1923

Trowbridge, Town Hall And Market Hall 1923

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Memories of Trowbridge

Faraway Castles

As a child playing on the allotments behind the Fire station in Trowbridge I used to see the white buildings gleaming in the sun of the Manor on the far hills. It was always so ...Read full memory

Town Hall Beautiful Then And Still Magical Now.

The town hall was a place of music ever Friday night when we all used to go to Top Twenty Club and dance the night away. No alcohol allowed just ...Read full memory

Happy Hours Spent At The Old Manor

1950-60 My friends and I spent many happy hours exploring the old manor house; entering the wine cellars with the resident bats. We used to go out on the lake in a boat that was moored there. The house had 'twisted candy' chimney pots.

Trowbridge High School For Girls

My first day at Trowbridge High School was early September 1949. Our class was form 3 - Miss Metheringham was Form Teacher, Miss Dawes was Headmistress. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Trowbridge by Tessa White

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