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Wallington, High Street c.1965

Photo of Wallington, High Street c.1965

Wallington, High Street c.1965

Ref. W11132

Memories of Wallington


My mum found this site, and wow. I lived in Instone when I was 7 on the 9th floor with my mum, brother and sister, then we moved to Vulcan Close. We used to spend all our time over the ...Read full memory

Saddler J Kelly

My grandfather had a saddlers in Wallington called Kellys which was his fathers shop before him, Sadly both my grandparents were killed by a V1 bond in 1944

Sandy Lane North

I moved to no. 6 from Thornton Heath, aged 3, with my parents, Sylvia and George. My maiden name was Ruthven. My brother Keith was born in 1958. I initially went to Bandon ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Teresa Brett


I'm not sure whether this church was called Christchurch or Christ's Church; but as I recall it was originally a Presbyterian church which merged with, the then Congregational Church ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by Dave Hamer

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