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Wellingborough, Zoo Park c.1950

Photo of Wellingborough, Zoo Park c.1950

Wellingborough, Zoo Park c.1950

Ref. W279017

Memories of Wellingborough

Wonderful Wellingborough In My Early Informative Years!

I lived in Wellingborough from 1952 to 1971. My Father was J N Clark, and with my Mum owned and ran the General Store on Weavers Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Wellingborough by Stanley Clark

Wellingborough 1949 54

I am including a link to my past at Wellingborough. I remember the zoo, the churches, the old steam trains at Midland Road station and much more. If anyone can assist ...Read full memory

A memory of Wellingborough by Anthony Messer

I Helped Out At The Zoo

When I was still at school I went and helped out in the evenings and weekends at the zoo and one of my jobs was feeding the penguins.

A memory of Wellingborough by Julie Knighton

Acorn School In The Avenue?

I'm pretty sure this photo is the Acorn School which I attended from the age of 3 in 1950 until 1956. I was Diane Weekley then. I have wonderful memories of the two ...Read full memory

A memory of Wellingborough by Diane Hayes

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About this photo

Off the west side of Sheep Street, a plaque informs us that the Zoo Park was opened in the grounds of the historic Croyland Abbey in 1943. Once home to large animals like this tiger, in the middle enclosure, the site is now occupied by offices.

This is an excerpt from Northamptonshire Living Memories, by Martin Andrew