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West Ham, Richmond Road c.1890

Photo of West Ham, Richmond Road c.1890

West Ham, Richmond Road c.1890

Ref. L130291

Memories of West Ham

My Family

I am looking for my family on my dad's side. I remember my grandparents, John and Elizabeth Thompson, they lived at 10, Forest Lane, Stratford, London. I have many happy memories of ...Read full memory

My Young Life Living In Eve Road, West Ham

I can remember my infant years at Napier Road school. I remember when I was in the first year there, we would have a small slice of toasted bread in the ...Read full memory

My Young Life In Eve Road

My nan lived at 10 Forest Lane, Maryland Point. Some times I would stay with her and my Auntie Conny. When my nan had her coal delivered, the coalman would lift a cover ...Read full memory

Devonshire Road Grocery Shop

I was born in Jersey Road in 1960. Just around the corner, my nan used to own a grocery shop in Devonshire Road called Smiths. I had loads of good times there as a ...Read full memory

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