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Whitchurch, Grammar School c.1950

Photo of Whitchurch, Grammar School c.1950

Whitchurch, Grammar School c.1950

Ref. W84033

Memories of Whitchurch

First Day At The Grammar School

A long walk from Alkington Road. Soon I was allowed to use my cycle.

A memory of Whitchurch by Ken Addy

Whitchurch Grammar School

I was a boarder at the school from 1953 to 1956. I have browsed other people's memories and I have tried to contact James Cracknell who would have been there at the same time, without success. My E-mail address is

A memory of Whitchurch by Phillip Ball


I went to Whitchurch Grammar School as a boarder and we went to church every Sunday in crocodile fashion. We all put one penny in the collection! On Saturdays we went to Woolworths, ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitchurch by James Cracknell

Sir John Talbots Grammar School

I went to the above pictured school. It was called Sir John Talbots Grammar School. One had to pass the eleven plus exam to be accepted there. Don't think John ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitchurch by Alison Fisher

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