Photo of Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Neg. 70157

Memories of Woodford Bridge

"Any Old Iron"

This photo brings back lots of memories for me as it shows High Road, Woodford Bridge which is where the old-fashioned ironmongers that my family owned was situated. There had ...Read full memory

Memories Of Claybury Hospital

My mum worked at Claybury for many years, myself and younger sister were schooled at a Catholic school in Manford Way, due to hours my mother worked we were ...Read full memory

My Grandmother

I have no actual memory but my mother tells me that when she visited her mother at Claybury, I played on the grounds with my father. We emigrated in 1956 when I was 8 and I ...Read full memory

Drapers Dairy

My mum took me to the pond when I was a toddler. There were tiny fish in the pond which facinated me. On the right of the picture is a block of flats. This is where Draper's ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodford Bridge

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