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Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water Ref: V4028

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Memories of Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water

Not A Memory But Important Documents!!

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water
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Hi to anyone out there that is interested in this building (Holloway Sanatorium). To tell the whole story would take too long, but in the early 1980s when I was a kid and the building was in a state of disrepair and 'open', I came across what I believe to be the original Crossland architect's drawings for the sanatorium, in a skip!!! They are hand-drawn in ink on canvas backings and show all the floors including the roof. In total I have about fifteen of them and each one measures about 1mtr by .75 mtr but vary. These drawings are I believe, from doing lots of studying, original and totally unique. If anyone is interested or want to know more please e-mail me. Chris...

Nurse Hampton

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water
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On August 13, 1961 I took up residence as a student nurse in Lindsay Smith House across from the hospital. It was the day the Berlin wall went up, and, as I recall, the day before the grouse shooting season began. I was 19 years old. Miss Goodyear was the Matron. Miss Lemon was Assistant Matron; Miss Mitzi Tauber was Assistant Matron (rumoured to be the cousin of Richard Tauber the singer); Miss Cottingham was Night Sister. I wore a blue cotton dress, a white apron (fresh daily), a plain cap, black stockings and shoes. I was also issued a navy blue cape with a red lining. It was so cold dressed thusly, I made a red flannel petticoat and combinations to keep war. We were not allowed to wear a cardigan, unless by special dispensation, like when the boiler was not working. We worked 12-hour shifts from 7am to 7pm for four days. One day, we were on at 10 am. On our days off... Read more

Nursing Auxillary in Abraham Cowley Unit, Chertsey

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water
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I moved to Sandy Lane, opposite Lindsey Smith nurses' accommodation in Virginia Water. There were twelve of us auxillaries from Scotland as far as Kent. We all used to go out to the local pub by the station, The Trotsworth, and ask for a glass of water if we were feeling the pinch. We had a minibus that took us to work at St. Peter's Hospital. Unfortunately The Holloway Sanotorium was closed by then, but we did meet Madonna's bodyguards at the local pub when she was with Sean Penn making a movie called 'Shanghai Surprise'. Bonnie Tyler did the video for 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' there as well. We also worked with nurses who used to work at the sanatorium and were told about the haunting picture in the main hall whose eyes followed you everywhere. It would have been fantastic to look around the place, but due to a lot of filming and adverts made there it was not possible. A lovely place to live in Virginia... Read more

Holloway Sanatorium Before 1955.

Holloway Sanatorium c1955, Virginia Water
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Was the Holloway Sanatorium once known as Zachary Murton Home, or was this another establishment?

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Greywell House, Callow Hill

My family lived in Greywell House from 1955 when I was 9 until about 1965/66. I attended ?Runnemede House School in Rusham Park Avenue? for a few years then moved on to St Brigidine's Convent in Windsor. I would like to know if Greywell House still exists and if anyone has any memories of their own of the house, the grounds of which incorporated the gardener's cottage and the old stables which were converted into two lovely flats. I believe the gardener's cottage, which was then occupied by Captain Warwick (the first captain of the QE2) has been extended.
Greywell House was half of a large house, the other half being Greywell Court.


I was the hairdresser from 1969 until 1980 due to the closure, I loved my job at the hospital.

Good Memories of HS

Because there have been dishonest, fraudulent replies to my memories by Dan Barham, Texada, BC Canada, for future correspondents I shall ask certain specific questions regarding Holloway Sanatorium that only a person who had worked there would know. PH.

Holloway Sanatorium

The ballroom had huge paintings on the walls. In particular I recall one of Sir Walter Raleigh. The patients' dining room had those lovely murals. We were issued a key which unlocked all of the doors in the hospital and Lindsay Smith House. Dr. Nugent lived in the staff cottages across the street. I babysat his daughter Helen. He emigrated to Australia. Ann O'Reilly, one of my "set", married Jimmy (I don't remember his last name) and was living in one of the cottages when I last saw her. Her son was named ?Neil. I met a fellow in the lobby one evening and discovered that he sang, so I invited him to join the choir. His name was Roy Blaber, he was the hospital carpenter. Mr. Reed was the evening person on the desk in that magnificent lobby. The Rev. Harper-Holcroft was the minister. Curiously enough he had been on the parish church staff of St. Botolph's in Boston, Lincolnshire when I was a child, and knew people... Read more

Gavin Fairfax Garage

Does anyone have any memories or photos of the garage at station parade, I lived there from 1957 to 1960 at flat Number 3, the building was typical of the 1930s with white rendered walls and castle style crenelations at the top.
I recall the neon signs at the front elevation of the building ( glowing in red and green) at night it was a BP branded petroleum sales site with Standard Rover and Jaguar marques. a showroom and a cafe at the end of the building near the station.

Virginia Water

As A child my father worked for qantas and we were sent to live in England from Australia. For a few months in1968 we lived in Badgers close not Badgers hill. Has this road been renamed?

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