Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Virginia Water, Holloway Sanatorium c.1955

Neg. V4028

Memories of Virginia Water

Not A Memory But Important Documents!!

Hi to anyone out there that is interested in this building (Holloway Sanatorium). To tell the whole story would take too long, but in the early 1980s when I was a kid and the building was in a state ...Read full memory

Nurse Hampton

On August 13, 1961 I took up residence as a student nurse in Lindsay Smith House across from the hospital. It was the day the Berlin wall went up, and, as I recall, the day before the grouse shooting season began. I was ...Read full memory

Nursing Auxillary In Abraham Cowley Unit, Chertsey

I moved to Sandy Lane, opposite Lindsey Smith nurses' accommodation in Virginia Water. There were twelve of us auxillaries from Scotland as far as Kent. We all used to go out to the ...Read full memory

Holloway Sanatorium Before 1955.

Was the Holloway Sanatorium once known as Zachary Murton Home, or was this another establishment?

A memory of Virginia Water

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