Wallington, High Street c.1965

Wallington, High Street c.1965

Neg. W11132

Memories of Wallington


I lived on the Roundshaw estate through the 70's and have great memories of playing runouts. I knew every nook and cranny of that estate. I had many friends that lived on nearly every close. I lived in Wallington for nearly 20 ...Read full memory

Bandon Hill High View School Days

We lived over the Express Dairy (opposite the Odeon) My early school days started in 1937 when Bandon Hill Infants were at Milton Road - we moved to Milton Road in 1935. The 654 Trolley bus route was ...Read full memory

Boys Grammar School

I lived in the Clock House estate, nominally Coulsdon but easily accessible by bike to Foxley Lane and the 234a bus (single decker to get under Wallington railway bridge) to the boys' grammar school. I was there from ...Read full memory

Saddler J Kelly

My grandfather had a saddlers in Wallington called Kellys which was his fathers shop before him, Sadly both my grandparents were killed by a V1 bond in 1944

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