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Memories of Wallsend

Wallsend Central

Central Girls school Wallsend was operational during the ten years I was there from 1941. It was one of three large units that were respectively, The Infants, Boys, and Girls. We were segregated once we survived the 'Infant's, and the only time I recall any association with the 'Girls,' was when a radical experiment ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallsend by Bob Proud

Sweet Sweet Laughter

I saw the old hop scotch in Battle Hill, when out on tonights walk. I had a flashback of wor Sandra, Scrolling numbers with some chalk. Ali Ridley, Lesley Gibson, and other lassies roond wor way. Would wear their Dunlop Greenflash, and hop scotch here sometimes all day. Those chalk marks have long since ...Read full memory

Central Girls School

I am trying to find out more information about this school, does it still exist? My grandma, May Handyside, finished here 17th July 1936.

A memory of Wallsend by Peter Brewer

North East Marine

Does any one have old photos of the Apprentices Strike?

A memory of Wallsend by John Murphy

The Ghost Of Good Times

I was strolling past a while ago, This wonderous place we used to go. When I got this thirst that needed quenched, So I turned on heel and in I went. With a feather boas you could've knocked, me down you see I was so shocked! Could this really be the place we came and laughed with girls like Louise ...Read full memory

Any Place I Please

Sat just off Byker High Street, On this cold and wet March day. The intermittent windscreen wipers, On the car wash rain away. The patter on the car roof, Of the raindrops as they fall. Remind me of the caravan, When I was only very small. Fortunate am I to close my eyes, And transport anywhere with ease. Why stay in rainy Byker? I can go any place I please! James Bridgewood,

Boyhood Dream

Catching Bumble Bees in coffee jars, and Sticklebacks in bowls. Kicking the tops off Moth balls, catching newts and water vowels. Chasing after Butterflies, magnifying slugs. Gazing up at starry skies, collecting Lady Bugs. Plodging in the clearest stream, Wellies squelching in the mud. I'd love to be that boy once ...Read full memory

Sea Of Weeds

We sailed a ship on concrete oceans. Well over forty years ago. Imagination fuelled the voyages, To far flung places we would go. These days she's firmly anchored, Surplus to childrens needs. So sad to see her list to port, Amongst a sea of weeds.

For Darren

On this cold and windy winters day, we will gather all as one. Trying to find the words to say, now that one of us is gone. There will be much sadness,many tears, a sombre mood throughout. The friends Daz made over the years, will show their grief no doubt. But afterwards this the mood will lift, like the early morning ...Read full memory

My Walk Home From Work.

If I could have picked the ideal weather, for my walk home from work today. It just could not have been improved upon, it was perfect in every way. A clear blue sky,bright sunshine, not a breath of wind throughout. As I set foot outside in Kenton, then I traced my usual route. Warm Autumn sun upon my ...Read full memory

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