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Queen Eleanor Cross 1921, Waltham Cross

Queen Eleanor Cross 1921, Waltham Cross

Queen Eleanor Cross 1921, Waltham Cross Ref: 70171

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Church Mission

Hi All.
Just wondered if anyone remembers the mission hall between WX &WA. We used to have a games night there on a Tuesday or a Thursday, (cannot remember which), you could only go if you attended the church on the previous Sunday. Also the dances that were held at the Cheshunt Fire Station every so often. Was the leading fireman that taught me how to pass the driving test, I had been driving for a couple of years without a license. Remember being in the Scouts and going on a camping trip to somewhere near Dover, we were all piled into an old removals lorry all sitting on the floor. Also remember we were out scrumping around Ceders Park and saw a fire burning in the grass verge, we phoned the fire brigade who promptly blamed us for starting it, vowed that if we found another we would let it burn.
Anyone wants to get in touch the e mail is

Comrades Club

Hello does anyone know of the comrades club in cross bridge street Waltham cross Bill Jamieson was the secretary of this club,he and his wife Mabs lived opposite the club I understand Bills portrate hangs over the bar along with his banjo. Does anyone remember when all the Jamiesons had get togethers in this club I think in mostly the 1950s I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Bill and Mabs Jamieson or Any of the Jamieson clan please email me
Thanks Beryl Clark née Jamieson

A Trip Down Memory Lane

June 2012, I had a great treat from my daughters. Together with my wife and two girls we went back to Waltham Cross for a nostalgic weekend, staying in Waltham Abbey and visiting all the places of my youth. So many places have changed beyond recognition, while others remained unchanged.The high street is now a pedestrian precinct with wide new roads replacing the old High Street. Most of the pubs I grew up with are now gone, The Castle, The Four Swans The Temple Bar and so on. As a young man these places were so paramount to my growing up. Cheshunt Boys club is still there I was allowed in to look around, it brought back so many memories. We visited The Imperial Hall, or as it is now known The Conservative Club, unfortunately I was met at the door by a rottweiler of a lady who flatly refused us entry as we were not members. On the other hand Cedars Park is still a haven of tranquillity, and... Read more

Memory Lane

My family moved to Waltham Cross in 1955 when I was 4 years old and I have many fond memories of the place . As a child I used to go to a little sweet shop that was between Aspland's on the corner of Park Lane and The Castle Public House. It was painted victorian green on the outside, seemed very dark inside and was owned by a little old lady by the name of Mrs Wagner, who always wore her hair in a bun and lived behind the shop. When the door at the back of the shop was open you could see a lovely comfortable armchair in her sitting room where she sat with her knitting waiting for customers. Down Park Lane itself between the middle of a row of cottages was R White's factory and further down was a public house that for many years was owned by an old lady by the name of Mrs Neil. A little further along the High Street, on the... Read more

The Great Life in Waltham Cross

The Great Life in Waltham Cross Life in Waltham Cross started for me in 1936, I was six years old and my father had just completed 25 years of service with the Royal Navy, we actually stayed with my father’s sister who lived in Forest Road Cheshunt for a few weeks, how she coped I do not know as I also had three sisters - it must have been a bit crowded. In a few weeks we moved into a brand new house in Hedworth Ave (cost £350.00) and it is there that I spent my childhood. As various families moved in, so our friendships developed. There was Ron Smith, Derek Etheridge, Jo Stevens and the two Haigh families who owned the little cafe by, the then, bus terminus in Eleanor Road, just below the Four Swannes Hotel, which some time later caught fire and burnt down, much to the excitement of us boys. We all went to Kings Road school and came under the strict regime of Mr Cooper the Headmaster.... Read more

Memories of Childhood

Our family moved out of Tottenham to the green fields of Waltham Cross in 1951. In those days that was where the trolley buses turned around to go back into London and where the countryside began. There was greenhouses everywhere and a large Italian immigrant population that worked in them. As it was so soon after the Second World War the living conditions were a great improvement to what we had seen in our lives thus far. A brand new three bedroom flat in Kenworth Close, inside toilet and a radiator in one bedroom. Just as important was what was outside, all we had to do was walk across the road, across the railway line and we were in Theobalds Park. Those lions and tiger in the glass cases were fearsome for us kids, and from there it was only a short hop across the Great Canbridge Road and into the woods. Each day was an adventure, walking up Tup'ney Tube across Oylers Farm and onto the New River. Many's... Read more

Sweet Shop

Hi My parents owned a confectioners at 5 High Street Cheshunt in 1959 known as R.A Press. I had been born in 1955 at 16 Sidney Road in Waltham Cross, a house my parents purchased in 1950, and my grandparents lived at 55 Northfield Road. They were John & Margaret Press. My mum and dad Ronald Arthur Press and Irene Elsie Crow married 17th Dec 1949 at the Holy Trinity Church. I think my grandparents had moved to Waltham Cross in the 1930s and John Howard Press, my grandfather, died there in 1964. A few years ago I went back for a visit and went into the Wheatsheaf public house, you can imagine the shock I had when I noticed a photo of my grandad still hanging on the wall, it was the darts team in 1952. The landord told me the pub had been refurbished and they decided to hang the picture back up. My grandmother Margaret Press was still living at Northfield Road until her death in 1973 and my... Read more

Childhood in Waltham Cross

I was born in Waltham Cross in 1941, right in the middle of an air raid.  My dad was yelling up at the planes saying "Not tonight Adolf, not tonight!"
Waltham Cross back then was a wonderful village to grow up in. Sunday mornings only the sweet shop would be open at the top of Trinity Lane, named Foyles. You could walk up the High St and come across sheep being herded in the middle of the road, and all the traffic, well what there was of it, would come to a halt and await the shepherd and his flock.
The High Street was full of hustle and bustle on a Saturday morning and I would have to go into the Co-op furniture shop and pay on my mum's weekly HP for the furniture she had bought. I would then go across the road to Collins grocers and butchers and give them a shopping list my mum had given me and wait for the merchandise to be packaged. Friday nights... Read more

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