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Wood Street 1907, Walthamstow

Wood Street 1907, Walthamstow

Wood Street 1907, Walthamstow Ref: 58548B

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Bells, Graves And Wood Pigeons

St Mary's Church 1903, Walthamstow
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I lived at 11 Church Lane with my sister Anne and parents, John and Barbara Mawson, until 1978. It was my grandfather's house (William Henry Cazaly) that he bought in the 1950's and had sold it to my parents in 1965. Our house was next door to the churchyard. I remember the huge horse chestnut trees that over hung the high wall surrounding the graveyard. They were filled with cooing wood pigeons and in the then warm summers I would play in the garden, stopping for a rest on the old stripey deckchair and lay listening to the peaceful sounds of wind in the trees and the pigeons. It was so very peaceful. In Autumn, the thrilling plonk of falling conkers had my sister and I scurrying round to the churchyard, excited at finding the beautiful new conkers that had burst open and were brimming with conker fight potential! Many a Sainsbury shopping bag came home pierced and in shreds from the spikey shells of our treasures! Saturday mornings... Read more

Wood st Walk

Hi, I've been trying to chat to people about the Wood St walk, my dad ran in it for quite a few years until he and my uncle were disqualified for catching a bus! It was a big occasion back then and I have no idea why or what time of year it was run. I also remember a children's fancy dress parade, I must have been about 6 - that would have been 1957. I have a photo of us all in the playground at the side of the Dukes Head pub. My mum made me a wonderful dress, I was a Victorian flower seller. There was great excitement. I went back to Wood St the other week (I live in Cambridge now) I was very upset at the state of it. I remember it being a lively market that opened every day with wonderful fruit and veg, I think we had everything we needed to survive. I also remember going to Leyton baths for a two weekly... Read more

Wars Years And Afterwards

I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in 1941 and grew up in Erskine Road Walthamstow which led on to Walthamstow Market. My brother Barry and I would be given a threepenny bit piece by our granddad who lived with our nan five doors away. We would spend it in 'Tony's' Ice-cream Parlour which was near the Chequers Pub. There was a lot of bomb-damaged buildings, and I can remember a building on the left hand side, not far from where Fish Bros Jewellers is now, which I think was Marsh Street Youth Centre. Going up the market towards Hoe Street, I remember the Palace Theatre where for 6d (six old pennies) we could watch Pantomimes sitting in the Gods. There was also the Carlton Cinema on the right hand side where the Mall is now and of course in Hoe Street itself, the old Granada and eagle eyed Ernie (also known as Mr Granada because he had been there so long), woebetide any kids who tried to bunk... Read more

Walthamstow in The 1940s

I was born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in 1943, and lived in Corbett Road until I was seven - until I was 4, at number 37, with my mum, nan and grandpa, two aunts and one cousin; then at number 45, just me and my mum. My father was killed in the war, before I was born, and the neighbours down our street gave me a bible and prayer book, in sympathy. My earliest memories are of being put in the laundry basket under the table, when the bombers flew over (our air-raid shelter, just outside the back door, was always flooded). Somebody writes here about 'the Wood Street landmine'. Is that what caused the bomb site on the corner by Wood Street school? When the war ended, there was a party in our street, with a fancy-dress competition. I went, as a little Dutch girl, complete with clogs brought back from Belgium by an uncle, and won joint first prize. ... Read more

A Fondly Remembered Childhood

I was born in 1942 and and spent my childhood in Walthamstow, which up to the time I left in 1967 was predominantly a white working class area in north-east London; I went to Chapel End Infants and Junior Schools and then to William Morris Technical School. My wife Sandra was similarly born and brought up in Walthamstow and we married at St John's Church in October 1965. My earliest memories and experiences were of post-war austerity and general thriftyness. It was, during the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s and into the early 1960s, a truly wonderful place to grow up in. We kids were spoilt for choice in the availability of adventure locations and had the real freedom that allowed us to enjoy them to the full without our parents worrying about paedaphiles and the like. Opposite our house in Kitchener Road was the London Transport Sports Ground. Although 'out of bounds' to us local kids, we used to sneak in anyway. London Transport buses, mostly RT's but sometimes... Read more

E17The War Years

I was born in 1931 at 73Maynard Road and went to Maynard Road School. On the outbreak of war in 1939 I was evacuated to Bedford, then later during the war to Leicester. Our house was bombed in early 1941 and we moved into 347 Hoe Street. Our family lived there until I married Pat Franks of Ivy Rd, Leyton in 1952. Worked at John Trent cake manufacturers in the office. After marriage we moved in with Pat's parents at Avondale Road, Leyton near the corner of Markhouse Road. In mid fifties bought first house in Chadwell Heath. Still recall the trips to the High Street with mum and pie and mash at Manzies. Enjoyed the local cinemas; Plaza, Granada, Ritz, Bell, Kings, Gaumont etc. plus dancing at Assembly Hall and Leyton Baths on Saturdays. A Sunday treat in summer was Epping Forest Lido and a picnic .Great memories of Walthamstow - I shall always cherish.

My Great Grandad's Home

My great grandfather was Alfred Monk and he married Edith Elizabeth Thompson. They lived at 25 Gosport Road and I have the 1911 census copy that he filled out..

Childhood And Adult Memories

I was born in Thorpe Combe in 1937 and went to Hale End Road, Wood Street and then William Morris Tech. Schools. My surname then was Bowers. As a fairly young child we used to play over in Epping Forest, having a cycle track there and playing on the tank traps, it was all very safe then. In my early teens I remember going to the Assembly Hall on a Saturday night to see bands like Ted Heath - it was a fantastic time, especially New Years Eve. High Street Market was a great place to buy clothes and "glass nylons". I lived in Hillcrest Road until leaving London with my family and have been living in Bexhill, East Sussex since 1966.

Memories of Walthamstow

My memories of Walthamstow are mainly of other people - but here goes! My son was born in 1965 in Thorpe Coombe Hospital, where some of the people who have posted memories on this site were born. Before 1934 my grandfather Thomas Herbert Pace worked as Chief Cashier in a bank which later became Barclays Bank - I think it was in Hoe Street - and used to go there by train every day from Chingford, where he lived. Before 1917 my mother went to a primary school in Walthamstow and used to tell me memories of her time there. At home she had to be a good little girl, because her parents were strict and stood no nonsense, but at school she "kicked over the traces", probably because she thought it wouldn't "get back" to her parents. When she was about 8 she contracted TB from an infected cow and so had to leave school while she was treated. Afterwards she went to boarding school in Margate.

Walthamstow in The 50's

I was born in Walthamstow in 1945. In the 50's, I remember going to Epping Forest, the lido swimming pool and watching the Wood Street Walk and also playing out in Turner Road. My name then was Linda Woods and I went to Barret Road School; I just wish we had more photos of the era.

Fruit & Veg Stall

I can remember that stall, my old mum used to buy live eels from the stall opposite outside Manzes pie mash shop. Unfortunately I can't remember your partner's Grandad but I'm sure my mum would have known him, she seemed to know everyone.

Living in Wood Street

I was born in Thorpe Coomb in 1949 and I lived in Cuthbert Rd until they pulled most of the houses down in the mid 60s, we moved to St David's court on the corner of Wood St and Forest Rd, they were 11 story flats we were on the 4th floor, does anyone remember the Wood Street Walk? My dad and uncle were disqualified for getting on a bus, I can't remember what time of year it was run, and I know they ran up to Whipps X and round and down Forest Rd, it was very exciting and pulled in a big crowd. I would like to chat to anyone who went to get Sunray treatment. I'm not sure where I had it but I must have been 6 or 7 and being in a room with other children wearing just knickers and googles, I still don't know why I had it or what was wrong with me! My name was Christine Fox, I also went to... Read more

Lynn Randall Marsh Street Youth Club

I was born in Chingford, but have many fond memories of Walthamstow; going shopping down the high street on Saturday morning, I would keep bothering my mum until we had pie and mash. The big knifes and folks and fancy cash regester fascinated me. Then I kept on at mum until she got me a Rossies ice cream and she had a frothie coffee. When I was a teenager I loved going to the market there for the bargin clothes that were very modern and stylish, and the material stalls were wonderful. I went to Marsh Street youth club in the high street, we had great fun there 1967/8. Does anyone remember me, Lynn Randall, and does anyone remember a boy I was engaged to, Colin Packer, if anyone remembers, especially Colin, please get in touch as I am trying to retrace his life, as he has passed away now, I was too late in tracing him. I was very sad to find out he had died.

Market Stall in The High Street

In answer to your question. "Do you know who owned the veg stall outside of Manzies pie & mash shop": I was a barrow boy that worked on the stall in the late 1960s. The stall was owned by Anita Blaunchflower who was the sister of the footballer Danny. She would get me and my mate tickets to go to Tottenham. But, only if she thought it might be a slack day. As she wanted us to work the stall as opposed to bugger off. We used to call her, "Anita, the apple eater".

Grandparents Home

From a very young age I have cherished memories of visits and sleepovers at the big old Victorian-era home belonging to my grandparents in Ringwood Road, E17. The cosiness of it is hard to replace these days. We would sleep in my grandparents' big old bed in the main large bedroom. The home never had a bathroom installed so we would wash in the kitchen, in a portable tub, and we had to use the outside 'lav' which was a few feet from the back door. It always smelt of lavender pot pourri (Nan's favourite). My grandfather was a French polisher, and he had a big room where he kept all his vinyls and polishing 'stuff'. We were never allowed in that room, but I can smell the exact smell that would waft around the doorway, to this day. My grandmother had a very old rocking chair, that I always loved to sit in. In the hallway by front door was a big old conch shell, and I liked to hold it... Read more

Fruit And Veg Stall Outside Pie And Mash Shop

My partner comes from Walthamstow and she would like to hear if anyone remembers her grandad who owned the fruit and veg stall outside the pie and mash shop in Walthamstow High Street? This would have ben around the early 1970s. His name was John Pettifer.

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