Warrington, The Knutsford Road Swing Bridge c.1960

Warrington, The Knutsford Road Swing Bridge c.1960

Neg. W29056

Memories of Warrington

Ike Smith''S Hardware And Bicycle Store

My grandfather, Isaac Smith, had a hardware and bicycle shop on these premises, known universally as the 'Tudor Cottages', from some time towards the close of WW1 to the late 1930s. The premises were ...Read full memory

A memory of Warrington by Stan Smith

Victoria Park Latchford

I remember when there used to be a place in Victoria Park, Latchford, called `The Pavillion'. It had a row of bushes beside it - dividing it from a sunken paddling pond that had rather ornate brick walls around it ...Read full memory

A memory of Warrington

I Was Born And Raised In Collins Green Nar Warringtonmy

My maiden name was Iris Potter, I went to school and church in Burtonwood. I live in America now. I have lots of very good memories of my friends in Collins Green. I get so homesick, I will always be a British citizen.

Bennett's Shirt Works

This photo is dated 1965. By this time the factory was owned by the Burton Group, making men's suiting and jackets. Burton's bought it in 1961. I started working there in September that year till it closed in 1977. One of ...Read full memory

A memory of Warrington by mike.grose
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The city of Manchester was the powerhouse of northern industry. The fact that all of its manufacturing products had to be shipped through the port of Liverpool – Manchester's arch-rival – dented the city fathers' pride. They demanded an outlet to the sea, and got one in 1894 at a cost of over £14,000,000. This superb new seaway, with its deep-water berths, brought Manchester a huge trading advantage.

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