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London Road c1965, Waterlooville

London Road c1965, Waterlooville

London Road c1965, Waterlooville Ref: W486029

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Long Time Ago

London Road c1955, Waterlooville
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The double fronted building in the photo was the Queens Hotel. The building to its left is the Wellington pub, the Heroes stood on the corner of Hambledon Rd, and was moved the old doctors surgrery (Dr Cooper) oppisite Hulbert Rd. Went to Waterlooville Primary School and for a short while to what was known as the Tin Hut, and then to Cowplain.

The Passing of Trixie Olding.

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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Mabel (Trixie) Olding passed away on the 14th January 2012 at Two Beeches Nursing Home Wallis Road, Waterlooville at nearly 96 years of age. Prior to her being admitted to Two Beeches NH, Trixie lived for many years at Beechwood Avenue and Broadlands Avenue and in later years Homewater House, Hulbert Road. Trixie was probably one of the oldest remaining residents of Waterlooville with family connections to Waterlooville going back over 200 years. Trixie worked for Bishop's for many many years and during the War she worked for Wadhams in the finishing department making Spitfire tailplanes! She was a life-long member of the RAFA and British Legion associations and if anyone still remembers her a funeral service will be held at St. George's church at 11am Friday 10th February.

Ferndale And Cowplain

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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My wife and I had a new house built in Ferndale just off the Hulbert Road in 1959. Detached semi bungalow with three bedrooms and a garden backing on to Inhurst Woods and all for £3500. My goodness, how different for the younger generation today. I only needed £175 deposit for the mortgage. I worked for Wadhams who were the biggest employer in the area for a modest salary with the BMC car dealership and the coachworks specialising in ambulances. I would love to hear from anyone who worked for Wadhams between 1959 and 1964, or who lived in Ferndale Both our sons were born there and my memsahib of 53 years and I have great memories of the village. I lived there before marriage and lodged with Ernie and Sheila Saville in Morley Crescent Cowplain, and spent most of my hard earned money in the Cowplain Sports and Social Club.

My Early Years

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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I was born 1942 in a wool shop at 300 London Rpad, grew up in Stakes Wood, granny tree, blue bell woods etc. Idylllic childhood . I went to Stakes Hill Rpad primary school 1947 to 1953, Mrs Nelson my teacher. Elsie Patterson Pat and Christine Moat, Alan Barnet, Ernest Bow, Dave Fuller were some of my class mates. South Africa Lodge orphanage in Stakes Rpad. Couple of bomb craters. We used to fish in further along Stakes Road. Sweet shop corner of Stakes Road. Used to herd cows with Stuart Smith over cross roads. These are just a of my memories of Waterlooville at its best. Nigel Butlin

McLarens of Waterlooville

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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My great uncle Bob (Robert McLaren) had a corn-chandler's shop in London Road. Great grandfather Donald McLaren (Bob's brother) was Head Gardener at The Grange, Havant, where he lived with my grandmother Violet Pearl and the rest of his family. I can remember visiting Uncle Bob at his shop and staying with great auntie Viola in Stakes Road. I'm now 70! I would love to hear from anyone who has memories of those days, the late 1940s.

Grace And Bernard Larking

London Road c1955, Waterlooville
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I am trying to find out exactly where in Denmead my great uncle and aunt lived from the forties to the seventies. The wooden bungalow was called Forest View and had a very large garden. They kept bees and every year when the honey had been bottled they had a party always referrd to " the bee do". Does anyone remember them?

Baptist Church

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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The building with a clock tower on the right was the old Baptist church. It was knocked down in the early 1960s in order to widen the road (which was of course the main Portsmouth to London road in those days) and was replaced by the modern baptist church about half a mile further north along London Road (between Avondale Road and Billet Ave).

The Heroes

London Road c1955, Waterlooville
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This is the original Heroes pub (double-fronted building on left of photo), named after the soldiers returning from the battle of Waterloo who set up camp at Waterloo having marched from Portsmouth docks on their way to London. It was near the junction with Hambledon Road and this photo is looking north. When the pub was knocked down, its replacement was build about 300 yards further north. Must have been round about 1960?

End of an Era

London Road c1960, Waterlooville
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The Heroes is boarded up and for sale in this photo. I suspect it was demolished soon after. Every one of the buildings in this photo was demolished in the 1960s to be replaced by the soulless Wellington Way arcade and adjacent shops.

The 1960s

London Road c1965, Waterlooville
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All these gleaming new box-like buildings had replaced the lovely Victorian and Georgian architecture seen in some of the slightly older pictures here. Ironically, Woolworths, seen here on the right, is the only one of these founding tenants to have remained in the same building ever since .... until this week!

Southafrica Lodge

I lived in hopfields then in south Africa lodge with my brothers till I was 15 had many good memories there I remember Gerald and his brother brother and many others

South Africa Lodge - Late 50/63

I lived at South Africa Lodge with my brother Gerald and left in 1963 to join the Navy. Always remember playing cricket in the evening with Mr Liddle and all the other children whether we liked cricket or not, but we did have fun. Didn't like having to walk to Complain School everyday though.

British Bulldog

One of my biggest memories is playing British bulldog and when the South African Navy came to build the swimming pool also the Christmas pantomines we used to go to at the various navy bases. Do you remember that massive chocolate Easter egg we had given one year, it's funny but my biggest memory is similar to yours; going to Hayling Island in the yellow comma mini bus Leapy Lee on the radio singing 'little green apples'. I remember going to Hayling Island funfair and going on the big wheel with Mr Liddle. We got to the top and it stopped and I tried to climb out, I was terrified although it makes me laugh now I was such a chicken.

South Africa Lodge

I lived in Stakes Hill Road between 1957 and 1970. I used to play with Tamblyn Thornton who Lived in South Africa Lodge and Alex Robertson who lived in the flint cottage in front of South Africa Lodge. Our house was No 54 opposite the farm and as a kid I used to walk with farmer Smith when he walked the cows over the London Road to the fields in Hambledon Road. Two brothers used to switch the road gas lights on and off each day. I think their name was Mr Ade. Dorris ran the sweet shop at the top of Stakes Hill Road. In the early days I used to go to the Tin Hut school in London Road. I was in the cubs and we used to camp in the woods opposite Elizabeth Road.

Uppermount School

I think it was 1959 anyway; I was 4 and a half and lived in Burnside. I went to Uppermount School in Waterlooville and used to walk there with my older cousin, Martin. I remember a teacher (I think her name was Mrs Brown), writing on slates, segregated playgrounds for boys & girls and a large dolls house. I got a ladybird book called Puppies and Kittens for general progress on prize day. We used to go to a small general store on the way home near Jubilee park that sold ice pops, biscuits in sloped glass topped tins, and loose cigarettes. ... so long ago...

South Africa Lodge Royal Naval Childrens Home

I was taken to South Africa Lodge with my three sisters in 1961 and lived there for the next 8 years. My memories of my childhood during this time are extremely happy. We joined the choir of the main Church in Waterlooville and spent every Sunday 3 times a Sunday singing in the choir. Joined the Brownies and the Guides and spent many a summers day at Hayling Island in our beach hut. I loved looking out at the Christmas lights from upstairs in South Africa Lodge and would get really excited. I have google searched on South Africa Lodge to find others who went there but had no luck. So if anyone has any memories please get in touch. My maiden name was Reid.

I lived at the RN & RM Children's Home, "Hopfields", Stakes Hill Road, from 1951-57, attending Waterlooville Primary, Stakes Hill Road, transferring to Cowplain Secondary Girls in 1952. My two younger brothers, Matthew and Vincent Chalkley, lived at South Africa Lodge. I have many happy memories of "Hopfields" and the schools. "Hopfield House" was converted to flats many years ago and I believe South Africa Lodge became a home for the elderly. I still have contacts with former school friends and revisited Waterlooville for a school reunion a few years ago. Waterlooville was barely recognisable which was rather sad. I would very much like to trace David Brownley who attended Cowplain Boys at the same time, leaving to be a trainee chef at Broadlands Hotel. Can anyone tell me where he is now?

Pendeen School

My sister Pat and I went to Pendeen school - Miss Harris was the head teacher until Miss Boniface took over. Our grandparents lived in the house behind and above the National Provincial Bank on the corner of Hambledon Road. I was born in a house on the Hambledon Road just outside of Waterlooville. There was a large Municipal Restaurant behind the Curzon Cinema. One of my class mates was Hilary Goddard whose father worked for Gauntletts Dairy. The Hall at the bus stop was a British Legion Hall and I remember the heavy Scales outside. The fish and Chip shop was called and run by Wheatleys - many times I was treated to a bag of "pieces" after a visit to the cinema. My family were all born and lived in the Waterlooville, Denmead, Hambledon and Lovedean area, my mother, sister and I lived in Lovedean during the war years whilst my father was away at war.

Wellington Pub

My grandmother Ethel West ran the Wellington pub in Waterlooville during the 1940s, my grandad Ernest was a manager at the Brunswick Lanudry, while Nan ran the pub, they were quite a busy couple. My mother Doris who was a war widow went to work at the Wellington as a barmaid, and while working there met my father who was Ethel's eldest son, Dad served in the Navy, and so was away at war. My parents had some memories of those times, I think they mentioned that they served up ham from the bar on certain days. I have a recollection as a young child in the 1950s being taken in the "snug" or family room they had. I have been trying to find some photos of the pub at that time, as I am doing the family tree, does anybody have any recollections or photos of that time? Does anyone remember the West family?

DHL Barber

My Father and Grandfather both had shops in London Road, Waterlooville. My Grandfather had an ironmongers in the late 30s early 40s (unfortunately I don't know the dates) but it was located near Pinks. From the early 50s to the late 70s my Father had a tobacconist shop, known as DHL Barber. This was also situated in London Road next to the Co-op Butchers. His shop not only sold tobacco and snuff but toys and other bits and bobs. He ran a lending library. To the rear of the shop was an old fashioned barbers and above the shop in later years was The Black Cat Cafe. I used to help in the shop at the weekends. My father eventually sold the shop to the Abbey National Building Society.

We lived in Stakes Hill Road opposite the primary school which I attended from the age of 5 to 11. The school also used the "Tin Hut" in London Road. ... Read more

Uppermount School

I went to Uppermount School, it was my first school, and my teacher was called Miss Brown. We used to sing 'The Farmer's in his Den' and stand in a circle calling children into the centre for small forfeits. There was a line in the song where one poor child was designated to be the farmer's dog's bone, and all the other children got the chance to pat the bone. You used you got a real battering, and this was run by the teachers. What jolly times...

Swiss Rd

I don't have any memories of Waterlooville but my maternal grandmother lived at 2 Swiss Road with her brother and a lady called Miss Elizabeth Maybee, who fostered them. I would like to know more about the area - can anyone can help me? My grandmother, brother and their ''sisters'' (other foster children arrived later!) lived in Swiss Road until adulthood. I do recall visiting there once with my parents in the 1950s but cannot recollect anything of the area. Does anyone know of a childrens' home nearby which could have been a possible 'supply' for Miss Maybee, who was a Salvation Army lady?

Uppermount School

I went to Uppermount School, Winifred Road.

A.Olding Painters & Decorators

Just go down Stakes Hill Rd. to where Gino's the hairdresser is situated and the next door semi was the home and business address of A.Olding Painter's & Decorators est. 1880. The Olding's were an old established Waterlooville familly going back generations and if painting and decorating was required it was to this address you called.
Hard to imagine now that these two semi detached properties were homes with neat front gardens and walled gates and families were raised here. Note the interesting and different coloured brickwork which also matches the The Wellington Pub in the London Rd.
Fortunately these 2 semi's are protected from demolishing due to the nature of their interesting brick construction otherwise they would have been flattened years ago to make way for commercial development.
The last of the Olding Brother's (Eric) died this year (2008) at the age of 92. Jimmy Olding died in 1981 but his Wife Trixie is still (just) alive (aged 92)


I went to Pendeen School in the early forties. It was on the left just a short distance down Stakes Hill Road. I lived in Keydell Avenue, Horndean and travelled by Southdown Buses 40, 41, 42 and their respective a's and b's. Entering Waterlooville from the north and on the left I remember with many spaces in between: The Curzon Cinema, Gauntlets Dairy, Stakes Hill Road and Campions Bakery. On the right were, A bicycle shop, a fish and chip shop, a haberdashery shop, Wadhams Garage and at the bus stop was a large set of weighing scales outside a hall. Continuing on the right was a pokey looking bus office and further down on the corner of Hambledon Road was the National Provincial Bank. Also close to the corner was a stationers where I sometimes bought stamps for my collection. Further on I remember there was another shop where I also occassionally bought one-shilling packets of mixed stamps.
Alas!... Read more

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