Waterlooville, London Road c.1965

Waterlooville, London Road c.1965

Neg. W486029

Memories of Waterlooville

Wellington Pub

My grandmother Ethel West ran the Wellington pub in Waterlooville during the 1940s, my grandad Ernest was a manager at the Brunswick Lanudry, while Nan ran the pub, they were quite a busy couple. My mother Doris who was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Waterlooville

Winifred Road

Reading all these memories brings back mine. I lived in Waterlooville from 1945 (I was born in Jubilee Road Nursing Home) to 1966. We lived in Winifred Road, and I went to the Infants in Stakes Hill Road, then the Tin Hut, ...Read full memory

British Bulldog

One of my biggest memories is playing British bulldog and when the South African Navy came to build the swimming pool also the Christmas pantomines we used to go to at the various navy bases. Do you remember that massive ...Read full memory

Dhl Barber

My Father and Grandfather both had shops in London Road, Waterlooville. My Grandfather had an ironmongers in the late 30s early 40s (unfortunately I don't know the dates) but it was located near Pinks. From the early 50s to ...Read full memory

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