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Memories of Welling

Westwood Secondary

I lived at 111 Danson Crescent right by the gates to Danson Park, I went to Westwood School and played for their football team this would have been in the early sixties. I used to sell the Evening news and Standard papers on the corner of Welling high St next to the bank. At sixteen I got a job in London and I remember walking ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by bblaker

The Inferno And Twisted Wheel

I was lucky to be a teenager when the Inferno and later the Twisted Wheel were fantastic venues to hang out.The Inferno was owned by Paul Mayer (who also opened the Twisted Wheel) and my first time at the club was in the autumn of '63. But its Mod hay-day was in '64 when the music, played by DJ Dave Perkins, was all ...Read full memory

People In Welling In '55 '59

Welling was my home town; I was born in Westwood Lane in 1944 and went to Hook Lane and Westwood Schools. I can remember walking to Hook Lane school passing Leons, it was a clothes shop in Bellegrove Rd. Also a little bakery called Fisons, we used to get our hot cross buns there and yes they were "hot" when we ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Barbara Brennan

When The Inferno Burnt Down

Girls cried when they saw the charred remains of the Inferno Club, a teenage venue held at the old British Legion hall in Station Approach. It had mysteriously caught fire around 3am on Sunday, September 18th, 1964. Many teenagers refused to believe the club had gone and some even returned from their holiday to see ...Read full memory

Broken Biscuits

I had to laugh when I read your comments on broken biscuits. I remember standing in the queue at the Home & Colonial with my mum when a woman in front of us said, "a pound of broken biscuits please love". "No broken biscuits today love" the man replied. The woman said, "are you busy?" "Not particularly" he said, "Well go and ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Ken Everley


I lived in Keats Road, went to East Wickham Juniors then Westwood until 1965. I worked in Bexleyheath until February 1966 then emigrated to Australia. I do remember Maines and the cake shop under the railway bridge in Welling where my dad used to go at 12.55 on a Saturday just before closing time to get all the cakes and broken ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Jill Trevaskis

Welling Corner The Embassy And Elsa Road School.

I lived on welling corner, above the shops, flat 15b. I went to the embassy on Saturday nights where I met my wife in 1959 and still going strong. My watering hole was the Nags Head. I went to Saint Michaels Pimary and Elsa Road Schools. I also lived at 73 Lyme Road. I moved to Australia in ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Michael Hibberd

Good Memories

I spent a few days in London for the Queens Diamond Jubilee last year. I decided to pay a visit to where I use to live in Welling. After reading some of the stories it certainly brought back memories. Like going to the Embassy on Friday nights dancing to Bill Collins and his Orchestra and over to the Nags Head at the interval. ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Ron Collins

How I Remember The Good Times

I also remember Wrotham Road Centre and used to go dancing there, also the Embassy at Welling, my heart throb attended Townley Road for Girls (Sally Tollhurst), all this was around 1959 to 1962. Does anyone remember the Inferno hut in the early rock & roll days, near Welling railway station? My grandfather ...Read full memory

Unexploded V1 Bomb

My wife was living in Northhumberland Avenue when a V1 doodlebug passed by very low, to land unexploded at the top end of the avenue. She lived at number 208. The house number it landed at was about 220 to 230. It was on a Sunday afternoon. The man living there was in the kitchen having his lunch, and walked along the V1 ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Roy Ashmeade

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