Memories of Welling

Welling Corner The Embassy And Elsa Road School.

I lived on welling corner, above the shops, flat 15b. I went to the embassy on Saturday nights where I met my wife in 1959 and still going strong. My watering hole was the Nags Head. I went to Saint Michaels Pimary and Elsa Road Schools. I also lived at 73 Lyme Road. I moved to Australia in ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Michael Hibberd

Unexploded V1 Bomb

My wife was living in Northhumberland Avenue when a V1 doodlebug passed by very low, to land unexploded at the top end of the avenue. She lived at number 208. The house number it landed at was about 220 to 230. It was on a Sunday afternoon. The man living there was in the kitchen having his lunch, and walked along the V1 ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Roy Ashmeade

Good Old Days

I also lived in Northdown Road from 1950-1967 . I then moved away but when my Dad died in 2006 I moved back to my old house in Northdown. The range of shops is not so good now ,but I wouldn't live anywhere else .Like a friend I also remember the Twisted Wheel,but can't remember exactly where it was,any ideas? I went to Fosters School,does anybody remember the Maypole?

A memory of Welling by deeowen1

Little Dutch Girl.

I was part of this dance display in Danson Park. It must have been around 1958/59. We were dancing a routine about little dutch girls and I was the one in the middle. We were from the Miss Holdforth school of dancing based at Falconwood social club. That was over the road and round the corner from Maryville Convent where I ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by maggiemitch12

Welling Kent

I was born in Dartford in 1953 and lived in Bexleyheath until I was 15. I went to school in Welling at Maryville Convent. I loved shopping in Welling and used to meet my friends there and go to Danson Park. Sue Tebbs

A memory of Welling by s.tebbs


Does anyone remember sometime in the 1960s when shops used to hide objects in their windows that weren't supposed to be there, and if you found them you won a prize? Thanks x

A memory of Welling


Does anyone remember any competitions held in Welling where shops placed objects discretely in their window(that wouldn't normally be there) and if you found them you won a prize. Sometime in the1960s. Thanks

A memory of Welling

Growing Up In Welling

What fantastic memories I have of growing up in Welling. I was brought up in Clifton Road which was opposite the Guy Earl of Warwick pub. I went to Primary School at Fosters which was in Northdown Road then (it has since moved to Westbrook Road). I then went to Elsa Road Boys School and I was there from 1955 to 1959. ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Dennis Cooke

Broken Biscuits

I had to laugh when I read your comments on broken biscuits. I remember standing in the queue at the Home & Colonial with my mum when a woman in front of us said, "a pound of broken biscuits please love". "No broken biscuits today love" the man replied. The woman said, "are you busy?" "Not particularly" he said, "Well go and ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Ken Everley


I lived in Keats Road, went to East Wickham Juniors then Westwood until 1965. I worked in Bexleyheath until February 1966 then emigrated to Australia. I do remember Maines and the cake shop under the railway bridge in Welling where my dad used to go at 12.55 on a Saturday just before closing time to get all the cakes and broken ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by Jill Trevaskis

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