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St Johns United Reformed Church

Presbyterian Church 1886, West Hartlepool
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I was married at this church on 25th March 1978. My grandmother, Evelyn Sanderson also played the organ here, and at its sister church St Georges further up Park Rd. My grandfather's funeral service was also held here; George (Joe) Sanderson. It was a shame to see this church demolished for the shopping centre's car park!!!

My Childhood

Catcote Road c1960, West Hartlepool
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I was born in the town,and spent my first ten years in what would now be regarded as the slums of Stranton, Bower Street, going to school at Oxford Street juniors. In the late 1960s and early 1970s Bower Street and neighouring streets were demolished, and its inhabitants moved to the new council estate at Owton Manor, to the west of Catcote Road. I walked to school daily along Catcote Road. I remember the "Catcote" pub at the top of Oxford Road, and another called (I think) the Pink Admiral, and the building of Brierton Secondary School.

My Childhood

Stranton Church 1886, West Hartlepool
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My parents were married at Stranton, and I was baptised there. We lived in a neighbouring street, Bower Street, in what would now be regarded as a slum property, with outside toilet and a single tap that was also outside. My lifelong hobby, ringing church bells, also began here. The vicar at the time was Canon Hancock, who later became vicar of Sedgefield, and whose son John also became a vicar in the diocese. The organist and choir master was Alf Peacock, a real character. He tricked me into joining the choir, telling me that I would then get a chance to join the bellringers when I was 14. However, it all rebounded on him, as my voice was terrible, and I only lasted 3 weeks! In the 1950s the church was one of the most active and well-off in the town. The ringers consisted almost entirely of the Maughan family. Brothers Bill and Jack also ran the Boys' Brigade and were active in the Sunday School.

Methodist New Connexion Preachers' Plan 1989-90

Stranton Methodist New Connexion 1886, West Hartlepool
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I have a copy of the the above which I found as a a scrappy piece of paper in one of my family's bibles. I have since had it copied and laminated, named on it as part of the preachers for the Hartlepool Circuit for 1889-90, which includes Stranton Street, were two of my Great Grandfathers - Thomas Blenkinsop and George Raine. The former's eldest daughter, Mary Jane married George the eldest child of the latter from which my maternal line stems. My paternal grandparents Clara Fox and William James Hinds were married at Stranton Street Church in about 1893.

When was this church demolished?

Phillips Teesside Operations Site Build at Seal Sands

Church Street 1901, West Hartlepool
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I am currently researching the build of the Phillips Teesside operations site at Seal Sands. I am wondering if anyone may be able to help me with any information related to the time of the build. I am hoping to gain real information and events. E.g what the Economy was like in Teesside at the time that Phillips began the site build at the Seal Sands? Was it welcomed? Did it bring jobs to Teesside? But most of all I would love to be able to make my research real by adding actual stories/events, peoples feelings and memories of the time or pictures.
I wonder if you have any information/articles that may be useful to me ?

Watsons of Church Street, West Hartlepool

Church Street 1901, West Hartlepool
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My grandfather's parents had an inn on 5 and 6 Church Street, West Hartlepool. His name was Thomas Watson, he was married to Ann Elizabeth and he was a Baker, Confectioner and Restaurant keeper. Does anyone know the name of the Restaurant or Inn or have a photo?

Memorial to South African War

Terraces, Ward Jacksons Park c1955, West Hartlepool
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I need your help. The man who modeled for the statue seen in this photo is my grandfather. Unfortunately, the museum has the wrong man as the model, a relative with a close name who wasn't even born when the statue was made. Is it possible for you to get the original newspaper article stating who dedicated the statue as I believe that person was my grandmother. The model's name was Joseph Andrew Bright McClure and he worked for the stonemason who did the statue. I have the paperwork to prove it. The statue was vandalized and the bronze taken and only the boots remained for many years. Now only the cairn remains. I am anxious to clear this error before my mother dies as it was her father. Diane

Chisholm Cottage

Wesley Church 1901, West Hartlepool
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My great-great-great grandparents lived opposite Wesley Chapel in the late 1800s, behind the trees on the right-hand-side of the 1901 Wesley Chapel photo.

During the 1830s, Richard JACK (b1813) and some of his brothers moved to Hartlepool from Dalkeith Scotland. In 1841 Richard lived in Northgate Street, with his brothers nearby - they were coal trimmers. Richard lived with the WALTONs from Hexham, Northumberland; Thomas WALTON a Mason by trade; son William WALTON, a Joiner. Richard married Thomas' daughter Margaret WALTON (b1819).

In 1851 Richard and family were on their own in Northgate Street.

Richard JACK and two sons (Samuel and William Chisholm) were not found in the 1861 census, but Richard's wife and their youngest son were with the WALTONs - now on the East Side of Old Hart Road, Stranton, among the houses known as Fountain Terrace. (The area is now Raby Road, and on the north side of Wesley Square.)... Read more

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