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Hodcott House c1955, West Ilsley

Hodcott House c1955, West Ilsley

Hodcott House c1955, West Ilsley Ref: W549025

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The Stables at Hodcott

Hodcott House c1955, West Ilsley
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Memories of bringing up three daughters in the stables nest door to this house, as my husband worked in the stables under Dick Hern. Going on lovely picnics with the children and their friends in the summer within the fields etc.. surrounding the stables. Blackberry, picking a major memory at this time. Memories of cleaning this house for Mr & Mrs Colling who still lived there at that time. It is a very large property and I am sure looks very different on the inside than it looked then. The pond had numerous ducks on it, and it did look lovely in the 70's. The pond has sadly been filled in. My children have all flown the nest, and we now live in the village in a very old cottage. My husband and I have walked up to the house to have a look from the outside, and it looks the same except for the pond which has now gone.

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