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St Luke's

I was a choirboy at St Luke's, we met for choir practice once a week. Mr Hatton was the choirmaster and took a register and we were paid for attending. Weddings were the big earner - we got two shillings or half a crown. It was all added up and given to us at the end of the quarter and I used to spend money on buying old coins at the shop by West Norwood Railway Station (opposite the Horns Tavern), which also sold fishing tackle. We choirboys were no angels and waged war against Mr Beale, the fish and chip man, over several years, drawing pictures of skeletons during Sunday Service, with slogans such as 'Look what Beale's did to me' and sticking them on his window. It added spice if he was hanging around to chase us. For a while we used to push one of our members (Freddy Drew) through the swing doors of the Gipsy Queen on our way home from choir practice. We also smashed... Read more


Gipsy Road c1955, West Norwood
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Just out of shot on the left is the turning for Hamilton Road, where my wife, Angela, and I both lived for many years. Some way down Hamilton on the right hand side just before the junction with Clive Road was a small row of shops, including my dad’s newsagents. Neighbouring shops included: Bennetts, the greengrocers, next to a bomb site on the corner of Clive; a hardware store last owned by a Mr Bonner and, briefly, a drapers belonging to my sister and her husband. Further along was a butchers and then The Crown pub, although separating the butchers from “our” shops was Graces’ (the Graces were brothers) wood yard, where my father-in-law, Ted, worked for some years. Ted’s family (which included my wife, of course, until we married) lived nearer the bottom of Hamilton, not far from the junction with Carnac Street. Whereas I lived with Mum and Dad (and older siblings during my early years) above / behind Dad’s shop, my wife’s family (six... Read more

Gipsy Road

Gipsy Road c1955, West Norwood
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I was 10 at the time this picture was taken and my friend Ann lived in the shop with the car outside. Originally it was a junk shop and later became a greengrocer's shop. Her grandfather and aunt had a very small grocery shop at the bottom of Hamilton Road.

Tulse Hill Boys School

whats ever happened to the class of dickens house from 1965 till 1971


Thanks you Roger I think you are right, there were 2A buses and 2B, maybe the 2B went to Crystal Palace.

Norwood Road

I lived above David Greigs on Norwood Road (Later became Abbey National). I went to school at Elmwood Infant and Junior School in Carnac Street. I used to get the bus to school, I think it was a 2b, which went down by the cemetary, we then got off the bus and walked the rest of the way to school. On my return from school I would get off the bus and go to MacFisheries where the staff would cross me over the main road!

West Norwood

I spent my childhood in West Norwood. We lived next to the Cemetary Wall in Hubbard Road. We often drive there for "a trip down memory lane". It looks like a little toy town now and so built up. Kingswood School was a smashing school in those days. The curriculum was fantastic - so many opportunities and the teachers were brilliant. I had a wonderful school experience there. We even had the "maypole and may queen" festivities. Norwood Park was a fantastic place to go. The outdoor paddling pool and Sunbeam Club held on the makeshift "theatre" in the park where there also used to be magic shows etc in the open air - such fun days.

School Days

I remember my first day at Crown Lane Primary School, Crown Point, West Norwood. My mum walked me to school and we all went in with the other children, most of whom I knew from our estate. My mum gave me threepence for my dinner money and a biscuit in a brown paper bag for our milk break. I remember her telling me to be good and that she would see me later. At about 11 o'clock the milk monitor brought us in little bottles of milk with straws in, it was lukewarm, but I thought it was great. My mum never had to walk me to school again as all the children from my estate (Fernlodge) walked together and it was safe to let your five-year-olds do that then. Our headmaster was Mr Osbourne and we loved him. My favorite teacher was Miss Kerner, I thought she was so pretty. They were happy days for me.  

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