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West Woodlands

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Memories of West Woodlands

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Somerset memories

On Our Way to Longleat.....

After walking the footpath from Rodden Farm we would end up on the main Frome /Warminster road, not far from the start of Friggle Street. This was our route to Longleat we often took on foot during our school holidays. We often used other modes of transport along Friggle Street,i.e our skateboards and bikes! It seemed a long old walk past some loverly dwellings, I always remember one house that flew the Welsh flag! The street would split with the left road heading to Corsley via a ford and avery steep hill if I remember correctly.. the righthand road led on to East woodlands and Hales castle an old Iron age hillfort whichcould be seen on theleft just before the start of Longleat woods. We would go for miles exploring the fields and woods around the vicinity of Friggle Street....what a beautiful place to live...!

Rodden Farmchurch And Brook Near FromeSomerset

I lived at Easthill estate halfway up Styles hill. I have countless childhood memories of exploring the parish of "Rodden". The farm and church was a playground for me as achild.If i remember correctly a Mr Patterson lived in the farm, he would let us camp in the field next to the weir in our summer holidays. He would also let us use his boat, it was yellow i think... We would put it in the brook just before the bridge near to the church. the bridge was so low we would have to lie down in the bottom to get under it! I also remember in afield near by the remains of what looked like archways just above grass level...never new what was there...?what a wonderful place to be brought up! So safe and exciting...I could not of wished for a better childhood....Thankyou Rodden!!!!!

Used to Live Here

Frome Road From Church Tower c1960, Nunney
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Our Dad was the local GP. We lived at The Delmere from birth till aged 12. We both have very fond memories of the village and have been back a couple of times 1946 - 1958

Horn st

Frome Road From Church Tower c1960, Nunney
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I lived in Horn St in the 1960s and have fond memories of the village and its people

The Oldest House

Oldest House 1907, Frome
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Frome's 'Oldest House' or 'Pepperpot' has a chequered past even in recent times. I moved to Frome in 1992 when it was being used as a Travel Agents and looked fairly run down. It then remained closed for a number of years except at christmas time when it was used as a charity card shop. The upper floors of the building have faux tudor styling, the ground floor is laid out to plate glass. It fell into disrepair and suffered from Frome's Saturday night broken window epidemic on several occasions - which now seems to have thankfully passed. However, it has recently been restored and redeemed itself since re-opening as 'Le Strada', the best coffee house in town (in my opinion), which also hosts a small gallery.

My Best Memories

Oldest House 1907, Frome
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I was born in Frome and I left when i was 11 years old,I moved with my dad to Bristol. But I have to be honest, since I have left Frome about ten years ago I miss my life I had there. Even though I have been living in Bristol for the past ten years, it's never felt like home. When I go to visit friends in Frome I get butterflies in my tummy and it feels like I'm going home. I miss going on bike rides to Longleat and geting in for free through the back entrance. I always felt safe in Frome because everyone knows everyone, even if not by name just by face. Me and my sister and brother used to go fishing with friends just off the bridge in town by the library. I also miss playing in the adventure playground, playing on the big red spider climbing frame and the old train. I remember the old fruit market, I think that was on a Wednesday,... Read more

My Last Year in Frome

I was born and raised in Frome, West End and then we moved to Green Lane.  We emigrated to Canada, I did not want to leave Frome at all. I still miss home!. The pretty streets and the steep hills. I can remember swimming in the river, and fishing in it. Every Wednesday going to the market after school to pet the animals. Mum used to buy us fish for dinner every Friday night at a fish shop on Cheap Street. Still to this day I swear it was the tastiest fish I have ever had. The long walk to school (Selwood Secondary) I would not go to Oakfield School (a stone's throw away from Green Lane), I really still do not know why I was so against that school. Boy, the walk was a long way up and down hills, down Bath Street, down Weymouth Hill and all the way up them again after school! The market place, I worked at Boot's the chemist after school and on weekends.... Read more

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