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My Dad Ronald Peel, Born 1932, Still With us

My dad Ronald Peel was born in 1932 in Wheatley Hill. He lived in Burns Street and he had a brother Tom and two sisters, Florence and Mary. My dad stayed in Wheatley Hill till about 1954, he married Jean Blenkinsop of Cassop. I loved visiting my grandma Peel, called Frances, and my granda called Thomas, who died about 1964. I visited the heritage centre 6 months ago and I am now trying to trace the Peel side but I cannot find any info, my great-granda Tom Peel lived in the railway coaches, even my own father cannot remember his wife's name, terrible eh. My grandma Frances Peel lived her last years in Johnson Street in a bungalow and died 1978. My aunt Mary lived her whole life in Wheatley Hill and married a Leslie Smith, she had one adopted son called Jerald who is now deceased as well as Mary and Les. Florence is still alive and lives in Bishop Auckland. If anyone has any memories of the Peels I would love to hear them, especially my grandparents and great-grandparents.
Thanks, my email is

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A memory of Wheatley Hill in County Durham shared on Thursday, 23rd July 2009.

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RE: My Dad Ronald Peel, Born 1932, Still With us

Hi, I was wondering if I had distant relatives living in Wingate. My grandfather came from Wingate - his name was Alfred Brookes; he had 5 daughters and 1 son who got killed in the second world war. My mother was named Harriet, never knew my grandmother, she died when my mother was only 3. They moved to a place called Wingates in Westhoughton, Lancashire before I was born - that was in 1941. I remember vaguely when I was a kid, visitors from Wingate, and another thing I remember was my mother saying in a Durham accent, "ginaw ninny givus arpney for sum bullits wilda", i think it means "can I have some money, mom, for some sweets". I'd love to hear of anyone who knows the Brookes or Brooks family or remembers anyone, thanks. PS my mother's brother was called John, her sisters were Elsie, Annie, Edith and Jane.

Comment from Alan Gordon on Saturday, 22nd June 2013.


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