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Wheatley Hill

Hi, my name is Shirley Cross, my name was Shirley Stokoe and I lived in Thornley. My dad's nme was Robert Stokoe, he has now passed away. My memories of Wheatley Hill are nice. I remember spending a lot of time there growing up. I used to go to Wheatley Hill School up on the hill, you could see it from Thornley, and I used to love the school, and the school in the front street of Wheatley Hill. I remember we had to have different lessons each day so we used to have to leave one school and walk to the other school, it was fun. Also I remember the pyjama factory that I used to work at just over the road from school. My best friend was Barbara Vest, now known as Barbara Lard. I love her lots in friendship. Wheatley Hill to me is just one of my favorite memories, I love it there xxx. Thanks to all of my lovely friends wherever they are xxx. Shirley Stokoe  

A memory of Wheatley Hill in County Durham shared on Sunday, 9th November 2008.

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RE: Wheatley Hill

From 1943 to 1950 or so, I lived at 42 Henderson Avenue with my Grandmother Pryor and Uncle Gordon. I last visited the area in 2006, but sadly, Henderson Avenue has now gone. I often wonder what happened to my childhood friends, Jimmy and Bobby Poulson from no44, Ena Holden from No19, Ann Baxter from No32 Ann and Joan Heale from No7, Brian and Trevor Willims from No16, Tom, Jimmy and Freda Nesbitt from No25, Ann Straughn from No35. I'd love to hear about them. Most of my nicest memories centre around the street games that we played, that sadly now, appear to have been forgotten. Tally-ho, Kick the can, putting paper up a drain pipe and lighting it, the moaning it made was someting out of a horror movie. Knockie-nine-door with a bobbin of cotton. Boodies and of course Marbles. Our sledges were made by the Blacksmith at his shop by the Royalty Cinema and used with great glee by all ages on Luke Terrace. After a time the road was like a piece of glass (no traffic in those days to worry about).

Comment from David Black on Saturday, 5th December 2009.

RE: Wheatley Hill

Hi, my name was Liz Davies before I married. I was born in Stockton Street and went to the all girls school till last year, then lads joined us. I would love to hear from any one who went there or can remember my mam and dad, Mary and Tom Davies xxx

Comment from Liz Bell on Wednesday, 25th July 2012.


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