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Memories of Merseyside

Village Life

I remember the 'Bull', the 'Swan' and the school closing and the pupils transferred to Parklands. I have so many memories, is there anyone out there to share them with?

Childhood Days

As I have lived all my life in Childer Thornton I have so many memories. I would just like to record some from my childhood. The village was a wonderful place to grow up in. There was no traffic to disturb our street play (only occassionaly the rare car). We had the village to ourselves. There were always the seasonal games. Who decided it was time to play something else we didn't know, it just happened. We played marbles, not just the boys, the girls also took part. many discussions taking place over which allie to swop for another. Hopscotch, be it the oblong stile or the round. It didn't matter which one. Top and whip, careful not to send it into the air in case it hit someones window. Chase of course, boys after the girls. Playing ball for hours on end on Mrs Fisher's wall. It must have driven her mad. But as a child you never thought of that. The other thing that when I look back... Read more

Childer Thornton

I went to Childer Thornton school from 1953 to 1958ish, remember Kev Taylor and Gordon Littler from New Road, Kev went to sea and I dont know what happened to Gordon. Used to play in Beecofts farm upstairs in the hay and go fishing in the doubles I think it was, great times. Childer Thornton school used to do a nature walk in the woods by the school, I guess HSE wouldn`t allow such a thing now a days. A couple of other names spring to mind, Michael Ashfield from Little Sutton and Johnny Shakeshaft from Hooton. I live in Anglesey now having worked a lot of my life abroad so lost contact with everyone.

Escavating Eastham Dock

Queen Elizabeth Docks c1955, Eastham
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Lived in Eastham in late 40s and early 50s at Carlett Park (in the old army camp) during the digging of the dock and went to the village school. Had a lot of fun riding on the machinery when they were doing it. That was before they made a park down by the old ferry, while playing in Eastham wood was the norm. Used to go swimming in the canal and over the banks into the mud in the Mersey and collect baskets of blackberry's along the walkway beside the canal in the old Hooton aerodrome. Lots of good memories.

Wartime in Eastham

Queen Elizabeth Docks c1955, Eastham
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I was growing up in Eastham during the 1930s, attending the village school when war was declared. We had occasional day visits by the Lufwaffe and a couple of bombs were dropped. Then, after Dunkirk, the Merseyside blitz started with a vengeance, we in Eastham took some hard hits, Masons farm, opposite the Stanley Arms, took a direct hit and lost all its cattle when the shippons collapsed, also the park had some unexploded bombs which had to be defused by the army. In 1942 Carlett Hall was requisitioned as a transit camp for the US Army, there were thousands of G.Is there in tents and huts waiting to be sent to different parts of Britain. Eastham was full of foreign armed forces, and as kids we got on well with them. After the war, Eastham changed forever, the local accent was replaced by a Birkonean one when the Mill Park estate was built by Birkenhead council, and filled by Birkenhead people, if you were an Eastham resident you were... Read more

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