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St Alkmund's Church c1955, Whitchurch

St Alkmund's Church c1955, Whitchurch

St Alkmund's Church c1955, Whitchurch Ref: W84039

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First Day at The Grammar School

Grammar School c1950, Whitchurch
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A long walk from Alkington Road. Soon I was allowed to use my cycle.

Sir John Talbots Grammar School

Sir John Talbots Grammar School c1965, Whitchurch
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I went to the above pictured school. It was called Sir John Talbots Grammar School. One had to pass the eleven plus exam to be accepted there. Don't think John Thomas was even there! Nowadays it is known as SJT presumably standing for Sir John Talbot, the school is far from what it was. I have happy memories and don't think Sir John will be best pleased re his wrongly named school!

Growing up in The War Years in Prees & Whitchurch

The Wharf c1955, Whitchurch
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Although I was born in Whitchurch [Bark Hill], we moved to Prees soon after. However, I was sent to stay with my grandmother most weekends and for a period I was sent to the Wesleyan school. My grandmother lived in Mill Street, and I used to walk along the canal regularly, it was opposite her house. During, and after, the war she ran a welcome little business of storing cycles for people from out of town. Fridays and Saturdays were always very busy and, I suppose, for me great fun....collecting the money and being a 'bossy boots', telling them where to put their bicycles. That part of my time with my grandmother was good! But shopping for her was a different matter altogether...she was a terror! Until the shopkeeper's recognised me, they'd serve me any old rubbish, bear in mind I was only seven or eight at this time and there was a war on! Many a time I had to take meat, vegetables and fruit back to the shop.... Read more

Filling in A Beauty Spot

The Wharf c1955, Whitchurch
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Approximately around the 1950s it was decided to fill in the canal from the Wharf to the junction at Wrexham Road via Chemistry Lane. Most of the canal fill material was household and business rubbish but to us young boys playing in the area the attraction was the military equipment that had been discarded by the American bases locally when they decided to return home after the war.
Such items as wireless headsets, acoustic microphones, dummy land mines and bombs made of wood, camouflage nets, loads of glass valves which we took great delight in breaking with home made catapults loaded with iron puncheons from the foundry in Black Park Road and hundreds of other items from hot water bottles to canteen pots and pans. This surely would not have happened today due to Health and Safety regulations and our current recycling endeavours, but in those days these things never existed and it was like an Aladdin's playground to us lads.
I have not lived in Whitchurch for over 50... Read more

Whitchurch Grammar School

I was a boarder at the school from 1953 to 1956. I have browsed other people's memories and I have tried to contact James Cracknell who would have been there at the same time, without success. My E-mail address is

Whitchurch Grammar Boarding School

I was a boarder from 1956 to 1960. It was a boys only school at the time , and there were around 28 boarders from first to sixth form. I belief there were around 240 boys total at the school. I remember the walks to church every Sunday morning, letter writing for one hour after lunch every Sunday. Had great fields for sport and just exploring. There was a gate keepers cottage at the far end on Whitchurch Rd., and the janitor lived there with his family. I remember he and his wife took care of the school after everyone had gone home each day. They had a daughter same age as me who had lovely red hair.

E. A. Youatt was the head, we called him Tate. He had a daughter and son, of similar age to Jim Crackmell and Ian jolly. Jolly went out with the French teachers daughter I remember.

Every Christmas there was a dance put on by the boarders... Read more

Boarder at Sir John Talbots Grammar School

Memory of walking to church on Sunday mornings, and of being taken to early Communion by Tate in his Morris Oxford once a month.


I am trying to find any information regarding the Wragge family that lived in the Whitchurch area at this time. I have Edwin Wragge b1853 who married Elizabeth Carden b1853 in Nantwich, they moved to Rostherne, Cheshire and were there for the 1881 census. I am stuck so any info would help , thanks.


I went to Whitchurch Grammar School as a boarder and we went to church every Sunday in crocodile fashion. We all put one penny in the collection! On Saturdays we went to Woolworths, the best shop -and bought licorice comfits for sixpence a quarter and an aero bar for sixpence also. There was a cafe in Green End which had a jukebox. Tab Hunter was popular - also the song "Who will be my Jimmy unknown?" but I can't remember the singer. There was a pub in the High Street called the Red Cow (I think) but we weren't allowed in - too young. There was a shop in Green End also which sold fireworks and I stole some but was caught and caned at school. My first girlfriend there was Judy Bond and the headmaster was called Mr.Youatt (Tate). We also had a gardener at the school called Ned and he wore bracelets under his knees to hold his trousers up.

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