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Wicken Green Village

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Memories of Wicken Green Village

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Norfolk memories

Leaving Home

My memory of Syderstone is in October of 1951. I left my home in Leicester as the bride if a young man who was in the USAF. He had been my High School pen-friend and was stationed at RAF Sculthorpe. I left my home for Norfolk one week after my wedding but unfortunately my husband had been unable to find us a house to rent. In desperation we rented a room at the local pub in Syderstone. I can't recall the name of the pub, wish that I could. We were given a room upstairs and we were tucked up in bed when another couple walked through our room. We hadn't been told that the room adjoining had no entrance except through our bedroom and that it was rented out also. Two days later we found rented rooms in a house in Wells-next-the-Sea. It was a large house called St. Heliers and was situated across from the library. Mr & Mrs. Riches owned the house and lived there... Read more

Middleton Family

Hi - My family history research finds that my mother Isobella Stephenson was born in Houghton in 1917. Her family may have been in the pub buisness, but her father Harry John Middleton worked for the railways. They eventually ended up in Barnsley where I was born. Any information on this family would be of help to me,
Regards Allan Broadhead

Stories of North Creake

My grandfather, John Arnett, was the teacher at the North Creake school for many years.  Four of his sons came to Canada.  When I was a little girl growing up in distant Saskatchewan the uncles would gather and tell marvellous tales of living in North Creake.  I have a photo of the grandmother riding her tricycle, of the brothers in front of the school house during World War I.  When my grandfather died there was a story in the Norwich newspaper of how he passed on the Earl's frock coat to the newly elected Labour Member of Parliament. (The Earl was in the habit of giving Grandfather items of clothing for the poor as many were in need in the 1930's but there was little call for a frock coat among the farm labourers.)  Thank you for showing me North Creake.  F. Arnett Sbrocchi, Western Australia

East Barsham Manor

The manor house was occupied by the army during the Second World War and not released until about 1946. My friends and I often cycled from Walsingham and we found the manor deserted. The entrance hall is well remembered with a large minstrels' gallery at the east end. The most exciting room was, probably still is, the most western first floor room which has a hidden spiral stairway within a turret leading to the floor below. Years later I purchased a 19th-century print of the manor to remind me of this memory.

East Barsham Manor

I moved to East Barsham when I was 5 years old in 1988. I grew up in the village and got the opportunity to spend time with the children that lived in the manor at the time. I have many memories of running around the manor playing games and getting to swim in the outside pool. I moved away from East Barsham wen I was 12. My time there and my memories are very happy!

East Barsham Manor - 1929 Photograh

The 1929 photograph was taken when my stepfather's father, Douglas J Coleman owned it. His father, Edward J. Coleman, bought it in 1915, the year my stepfather was born. This is where he (Peter Hales-Coleman) and his brother grew up. The family moved from there in the early 1930s. Back then, there were more than a 1000 acres of land with it. In 1959, I had the opportunity to visit the manor and met Peter's nanny who was still employed there. Because the then owners were not in residence at the time, the nanny could only show me the entrance hall. About 15 years ago, my stepfather had the opportunity to stay there for a night as the guests of Lady Guiness, who owned it at that time. It was one of the highlights of his life. He died when he was in his 80s.

My Early Years in Barsham

I actually lived in West Barsham and attended the primary School in East Barsham from September 1930 to July 1937. The walk to the village school took me past the Manor House, which always looked dark and forbidding, shrouded as it was in the massive beech tres that grew behind the wall, bordering the main road. No one that I knew had ever been inside the wall, and I had no idea what the grounds were like. That all changed in 1937 when it apparently changed hands and it became a bustle of activity, as the new owners, reputed to be members of the Austrian Habsburg family, took up residence and began a massive project which restored the Manor to its present form. My father, a landscape gardener who had previously worked at West Barsham Manor, was offerred the job of supervising the restoration of the grounds and gardens. All went well until early 1939 when rumours began to circulate that all was not well. Not long after, the new owners dissapeared... Read more

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