Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Neg. W195024

Memories of Wickford

Gospel Hall

I remember going to the Gospel Hall to Mr & Mrs Potts and family every Sunday afternoon from Woolshots. We used to have magic lantern shows and sometimes if we were good we got tea and bread and jam. I think we were sent to get ...Read full memory

Wickford As A Boy

A part of my boyhood was spent on a smallholding just outside of Wickford, the smallholding was called Littlemead. When I first went to Wickford my uncle Ted picked us up from the railway station in a pony and trap, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Ronald Flynn

Back In 1963

I was moved to Wickford with my family in December 1963, a hard winter, removal van had trouble getting up the unmade road. Coming from London, it was a bit of a sleepy village for me and especially for my teenage siblings. Had to ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Val Ramsden

Irvon Hill Nr Wickford County Junior School

I remember the man who used to paint lead soldiers, he lived in that tiny little 'bungalow in Irvon Hill! A couple of years ago it got burnt down and now there's a new home been built there? Do you ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Lnda Golding

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