Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Memories of Wickford

Irvon Hill Nr Wickford County Junior School

I remember the man who used to paint lead soldiers, he lived in that tiny little 'bungalow in Irvon Hill! A couple of years ago it got burnt down and now there's a new home been built there? Do you ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Lnda Golding

Brock Hill Wantz Corner

I lived at the junction of Brock Hill and Wantz Corner from birth in 1949 till 1960. In those days we had fields to the side and rear of us and also across the road in Brock Hill. We played in the brick fields, and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Kathy Challen

The Evacues

My sister and I were evacuated to Wickford in 1940, I was just over 5 years old and my sister 11 years old. We came from the east end of London. We moved into a bungalow with an elderly lady called Mrs Walker, there was also a ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Leonard Askew

A Walk From Shotgate Baptist Church To The Nevendon Road Part 2 See Part 1 And 2 Below

Continued from Part 2 On the south side of the fire station were a few houses and then a footpath that led to the other entrance to the recreational ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Kevin Mears
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