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Lancashire memories

Memory of Brockhall Hospital

Brockhall Hospital c1965, Langho
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I arrived in Brockhall hospital in 1970 from Mauritius to become a 'Subnormal Nurse' as it was known then. I am still baffled how I managed to reach Brockhall with so little knowledge at the tender age of 19 years. I am not sure whether I was amongst the youngest Mauritian. I was very scared, but very excited to be accepted to train to be a nurse. I was taken to my room in the Nurses' Home. It was such a thrilling experience that I can still recall, of smelling the gliterring steps of the staircase, the smell was so beautiful and nice like the smell of an apple. As soon as I was introduced to my room, I thanked God that I was about to work and train to be a nurse. I will never forget this day of magic and achievement. This was where my life started. I have achieved hundred and hundreds of things in my life to date. Thanks to Brockhall Hospital I am a nurse,... Read more

Great Years as A Nurse at Brockhall

Brockhall Hospital c1965, Langho
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I started at Brockhall on a Monday, just after my wedding at the weekend. I worked on AK1 before I started my Enrolled Nurse training. Coming from Mauritius, it was absolutely fantastic meeting others from there and other commonwealth countries. I have some great memories about my mentors and most especially the individuals with disabilities living there. I used to feel sad leaving the guys when I went home at night. I ended up being a Home Leader at Manor Road, Clitheroe after two ladies from Brockhall moved into their own home, supported by minimum staffing. It was the best memories, the ladies had some many hidden skills which they proudly demonstrated in their safe environment. It was absolutely fabulous that they were given an opportunity to live their lives away from an institution. We left the UK in 1990 to live in Perth, Australia. I am a Community Support Coordinator, I coordinate services for individuals living in their own home with some support. I love my job and... Read more

My Brothers' Years at Brockhall/ Calderstones 1973/90's

Brockhall Hospital c1965, Langho
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My memories of Brockhall are with my adopted brother who was placed there to give my mum a rest. I remember Lilac ward, Sunflower ward was a main one my brother was placed on. I remember Mr Buckler and Nurse Maiden, it broke my heart to leave my brother there and I have pictures of us going to see him. I remember my mum taking me the first time on the train and having to walk down a long lane to get to the hospital grounds. As we came from Bury it was a long day and we didn't get home till it was dark... Then there was a little bus put on once a fortnight from Bury bus station which would pick up any families wanting to go visiting there. Brockhall will always stay in my mind as that was the place that took my big brother away from being a young girl and it still hurts now... The only good that has come out of it closing is... Read more

Mature Student Nurse.

Brockhall Hospital c1965, Langho
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During 1980 and 1981 I was, as indicated by the memory title, a mature student. My memories are, first and foremost, of a very rewarding time as a small cog in a caring environment. Making many friends of both staff and residents. In later years I went back a time or two, even when Brockhall closed, and I was saddened to see the Wards I was seconded to, Ivywood, Sunflower, and Iris, closed. However, the welfare of the residents was the objective, so the move to the various communities was put in place. Now only a few photographs and memories remain. Most of the staff lived in the East Lancs area, but there were quite a few of us from Wigan. Should this be read by any of my fellow students who were somewhat younger than I. (How does it feel to be mature?) My best wishes to you all. Cliff Andrews.


Brockhall Hospital c1965, Langho
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I stayed as a foreign (Belgian) educational psychologist during six weeks in Brockall hospital, where my tutor was Doctor Gordon Bland.

Simpson's Barn

The Black Bull c1955, Old Langho
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I was born and brought up here. It's changed so much now but I remember that the 'Black Bull' was never a popular pub for the locals as Old Langho mainly consisted of two estates, Brookside and Larkhill. These were staff houses for Brockhall Hospital, a sprawling self-contained Victorian 'mental' hospital. As a social club existed within the hospital grounds, most chose to drink there, so it always seemed empty. When we were around 15 years old the landlord would let my brother and I in for a blackcurrant and a game of snooker on the three-quarter size snooker table that was in there. I had my first 'real' pint in there too. To the right of the pub was a dirt track that led to a field, at the end of it was a derelict caravan surrounded by a small garden. An old man used to live there but nobody knew his name and he was seldom seen. The barn on the left was called Simpson's Barn. It was... Read more

Childhood Memories in Blackburn

My first school was St Michaels and All Angels in Whalley New Road. We all had to have our gas masks over our shoulders and hang them up on our own little peg. I can remember we all had school dinners, I don't think we paid, we had no money. Also all the very young children had a sleep for a couple of hours in canvas beds so we had to creep around. My father Harold buck and his friend Edmund kept pigs, so they came after dinner to collect the food that was left over to feed the pigs, they called it pig swill. I used to hide when they came. There was a wall at the bottom of the playground with a big drop on the other side down into the brook(Blackwater), we would climb down sometimes, cross the brook and go up the other side to the Tizer where soft drinks were made. Also on the same land was a big lake we called Granny Green Teeth,... Read more

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