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The Hope Inn c1955, Wisbech

The Hope Inn c1955, Wisbech

The Hope Inn c1955, Wisbech Ref: W115019

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Memories of The Hope Inn c1955, Wisbech

The Hope Inn

The Hope Inn c1955, Wisbech
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I think it was 1949/50, I remember living along the canal side, Trafalgar Row it was called, over the other side from the Hope Inn.  Somehow I think it was further up than Somerfield almost opposite the Empire.  Most of my family used this pub as their social outlet for weekends, remember no TV, bingo or much else then.  I remember the landlord and landlady a Mr. and Mrs. Firth and they had a son I think he was called Trevor.  I never did see inside the pub, I used to have to play in their yard or sometimes I would be able to sit in the kitchen when it was colder. I can't quite see my house from this photograph but the next photograph I can see it exactly only because my father painted the passageway opening to the other terraced houses a brilliant white!  Oh happy days!

Wisbech & local memories

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Smedley's by P.A.

These memories actually date back to the summer of 1967 as well as that of 1968. Sometimes, there was no work in the fields, or I needed money because I was such a lazy fruit picker. So I left Leverington and applied to be hired at Smedley's in the evening after tea. It was marvellously quick and simple to get work, there were no formalities, no red tape at all. We seasonal workers just got a clocking card, and I am not even sure they knew our names. Two to three hours later, at about 8 or 8.30 pm, we gave back our card at a small cabin, and the accountant gave us the cash through the window. Most of that cash was spent without delay at the pub, either in Wisbech, or at the Rising Sun in Leverington. Very often my job was to sit next to a line of small rails on which freshly sealed tins of food rolled along flat stretches or long bends, or up and... Read more

Churchill Road

The Canal 1929, Wisbech
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For those of you that don't know, if you are driving along Churchill Road in a Westerly direction, approaching Freedom Bridge Roundabout, this is where you would be in the picture.

Boyhood Memory

I was 12 years old when this photograph was taken. I lived in a public house, just out of camera shot, called The Castle Inn. The only building left today is the Institute Clock Tower. Looking at this site today, you would see The Freedom Bridge roundabout and the Jobseekers office. In this tiny piece of Wisbech there was a grocer store, owned by a Mr Franklin, a wet fish shop, a hairdressers, a sweet shop owned by Mr Andrews, 2 butchers shops, one was Mr Goodley, the other I believe was a Mr Holl. There was the Cannon Fish and Chip shop and Resturant, and also 2 other cafes, The Nippee Cafe and The Welcome Cafe. The large building on the left, I believe started off as a workhouse, and oddly, in my adult life, I was part of the demolition team who took it down.

Memory of A 12 Year Old

The Canal c1955, Wisbech
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I remember this scene well, the pub in the picture is The Hope Inn. At the time my mother and father kept a pub further up the canal towards the River Nene, this pub was called The Castle Inn. At the time this photograph was taken there were 4 pubs in this vicinity, across the road from The Hope Inn was The Case Is Altered. A present day pub called The Case is almost on the footprint of its namesake. Further along the canal was my home, The Castle Inn, and to the rear of that, backing onto the canal was a pub called The Sun Inn. The canal was my playground, very happy memories.

Childhood Memory,

The Docks And Timber Yards c1955, Wisbech
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My dad used to work at Dagless'es the yacht builders. I have many fond memories of walking to meet him after work together with my mum and baby brother! I can still remember the smell of the wood and workshops...


The Docks And Timber Yards c1955, Wisbech
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l was born in Wisbech in May 1957, me and my mates were always down by the docks. We were always playing there and we used to do alot of fishing there as well. l can remember the building the round one, l think it was the gas works. I have lovely child hood memories of being young and running wild. Alan, the Netherlands.

English Brothers.

The Docks And Timber Yards c1955, Wisbech
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The opened sided storage sheds were owned by English Brothers.

The Harbour Line.

The Park c1950, Wisbech
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Look carefully between the first two trees on the left of the photograph. In the gap with the house in the background you will see a horizontal dark line which follows to the right. This is the railway line called the Harbour Line which operated until about 1967. The engine was driven by Mr Charlie Rands, who lived in Elm Road. In the main I remember it carrying timber from English Brothers, although it would have carried perhaps produce to and from Smedleys. It was only separated from the park by a post and wire fence.

Market Place c1965, Wisbech
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My family and I are convinced I am the man walking next to the man in the jacket and tie who appears to have his arm around a child. The Austin A40 pick up truck in the foreground behind the telephone box could be the one I owned at about that time.

Napier Terrace

Please see the section on Napier Terrace, and Tony Stebbig please contact. Martin

Wisbech Old Market Place

I was born in Wisbech in 1960, my father worked for the family business, Hutson & Sons, my Grandpa also had a pet shop in the old market place, we lived with him for a while
Wonder what happened to the lovely panelling in his sitting room, there was a granary at the back of the house, used to be able to go out onto the roof and look out over the river, I also remember Mrs Reed's shop in the market place......And being taken to Bunnys,  in the  town, can't rember his surname, for shoes!
And the lovely dept store that used to be next door, with that funny contraption that used to put the money in a tube thing!

I live in Gloucestershire now and am not in touch with any of the Arch / Hutson family. Any news would be nice.

Napier Terrace

I was born in Wisbech in 1937 in Ramnoth Road, we moved to Napier Terrace on the canal until after the war when we moved to Wales. I have fond memories of living in Napier Terrace, we lived in the last house, No 37. My father was in ARP when a bomb fell on the cinema. A lasting memory was when I learned to ride a bike, I fell into the canal. We had an allotment and I remember a Mr Peachey who had only one leg, and Mr Tash the coalman. I worked for Ashworths the newsagent on the bridge. I used to meet the train and get the papers. Happy days.
If anyone has any photos of Napier Terrace please contact me, thanks.

The Canal.

I went to St Peter's School, shown by the side of the canal, half way up the picture on the left, and contained in the triangle. It was demolished prior to the canal being filled to create Churchill Road. This was an important site during winter for us local boys. Council workmen would shovel snow from the town and tip it on the canal bank. Snow meant ice and we were able to toboggan down the bank onto the frozen water. Don't forget that in the Fens anything above the horizontal is a great treat!

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