Witley, King Edward's School 1931

Witley, King Edward's School 1931

Neg. 83776

Memories of Witley

One Very Good Pub In England

One of My Employments of Yesteryear: Did you know that this public house has a corner where George Elliot used to write some of her famous books? Situated right opposite the War Memorial and next door to where ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by Patricia White

1950 Year Of My Birth In Witley

I was born in Sandhills, Witley in 1950. Witley is still a very picturesque village.

A memory of Witley by Penelope Dale

Newspaper Delivery 1939 42

Directly across the road from Woodersons grocery store was Mrs Stent's, the newsagents.. As an 11 year old I went there to pick up newspapers for delivery on my bike to the Enton route every day before going to School at ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by mikep428

Sweetwater Lane

I was born in 1928 in the first house on the right on Sweetwater Lane. Still there, it was one of many "tied" houses occupied by those who worked for the Enton Hall estate of the Chichester family. They gave the Chichester Hall to ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by mikep428
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