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Claybury Hospital

Claybury Asylum 1908, Woodford Bridge
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I was a paper boy for Mr Watkins, in the High Road, and delivered bundles of newspapers to Claybury Hospital seven days a week. There were so many bundles, I could not ride the trades bike as it was all up hill, even up to the hospital from the main gates. On a cold winters morning, it wasn't the place to be, walking up through the grounds of woods and with very little lighting. On one occasion, I was confronted by male nurses in white coats, telling me that a patient had escaped and I was to get back to the gate house without delay!!! Boy, did that bike move down hill, loaded or not. Every other week there was a very nice Postman with the mail in his van, who would put my papers in his van and deliver them to the Hospital, from the gatehouse. I then had to deliver to all the houses in Dr. Barnado's. All this for 3/6d a week. (171/2 pence in today's money. I can just see kids of today doing that !!!! Oh what Memories.

Written by Frank Bedford. To send Frank Bedford a private message, click here.

A memory of Woodford Bridge in Essex shared on Saturday, 3rd March 2012.

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