Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

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Memories of Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Claybury Hospital

This wonderful picture might show visitors leaving after visiting time, or as I prefer to think, it could be gardeners and other staff leaving after their day's work is done: in which case the tall moustachioed gent in the front row could easily be my grandfather, George Crabb. He worked there in the inter-war years, and retired in about 1941.

Memories of Woodford Bridge

Residents In Waltham Road, Woodford Bridge.

I was intrigued and interested to read Valerie Sims, (nee Stow) memories of some residents in Waltham Road, as I grew up there, and lived at no. 123 until 1969. I married a Cornish girl, and we moved to Cornwall then, where I have lived ever since. I also had a younger brother called John who ...Read full memory

Photo Of High Road, Woodford Bridge.

I have good reason to remember the above mention photo as I lived in the featured estate agents R. Cheeke & Co. from 1934 until I married in 1955 when I moved to 13, Gains Hill Road. I have read some of the articles written by past residents of "The Bridge" as it was known but have not known ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodford Bridge by norbet

Frank Bedford

Hello Frank, I know you have sent a message to me as I managed to get a quick glance of it before it disappeared and I was unable to find it again but I did read that you were asking where abouts I lived in the Bridge. Well Frank, if you look at the photo of the high road with the estate agents in the foreground, that is ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodford Bridge by norbet

16 Highfield Road

I too new Mr Wernink from the bridge mission, after a dip with my friend Evelin in the Hollow Ponds, I was attending a scout meeting at Snakes Lane when I experienced the most horrendous back pain which was diagnosed as Infantile paralysis, now known as Polio. When I came out of Waltham Abbey Isolation Hospital ...Read full memory

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