Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Neg. 70157

Memories of Woodford Bridge


I think this is the date or so, I was fairly young, about 13 at the time. My granny was in this place, it really disturbed me having to go through all the wards with the locks and the keys, as a child it really affected me! ...Read full memory

My Grandmother

I have no actual memory but my mother tells me that when she visited her mother at Claybury, I played on the grounds with my father. We emigrated in 1956 when I was 8 and I finally got to go back in 1983 and saw her for ...Read full memory

Claybury Memories.

Both my parents were nurses at Claybury during the 1950s. My dad worked days and my mum worked nights. I can remember her telling me that when she did 'the rounds' during the night she used to ride her bike through the ...Read full memory

Childhood Memories

I remember my father speaking about Woodford Bridge and High Road, Woodford. His name was Clarence Harris Bickers and together with my mother we all lived at 52 St. Ronan's Crescent. When we were bombed my father ...Read full memory

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