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The Old Toll Gate 1903, Woodford Green

The Old Toll Gate 1903, Woodford Green

The Old Toll Gate 1903, Woodford Green Ref: 50607x

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A Well Remembered Toy Shop

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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Oh yes, the War was on during this time. Shops were open their regular hours. The locals bought their necessities and everyone came and went as usual. The general feeling was 'To Hell With Hitler, we will carry on regardless'.
This also meant birthdays for children went on like normal. My aunt from Manchester, Auntie Burley, came to visit us at Buckhurst Hill.  While here she would help celebrate my birthday, June 21st. This year she wanted to buy me something different than socks or a jumper. She said: "We are going shopping, just you and I.  I would like you to have something of your own choice as a special treat."
It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted. We boarded the 10A bus at the top of Hills Road and headed to Woodford Green. Right across from the pond near the corner, was a big toy shop. They had a large selection of Dinky Toys. The one I wanted was the Barrage Ballon Lorry. It was... Read more


Growing up during war years and having to spend many nights in the Anderson shelter at bottom of garden. School was only half days for a while and when my brother started he had to go to neighbouring houses where the teachers came, rather than at Ray Lodge School, Woodford Bridge. Sat my 11+ exam at the High School and we had to take sandwiches in case an air raid interrupted the exam. I passed and then had to go by steam train from Woodford station to Loughton every day. I lived in Woodford until I got married at All Saints Church, Woodford Wells in April 1955 and was lucky enough to have my photo on the front page of local paper, sharing that page with the historic news of Winston Churchill's resignation.

Childhood in Woodford Bridge

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I grew up in Woodford Bridge with my twin sister Jean, friends Norma Overton, Pat Ancona, Lyn, Norma, Gillian and Gloria Jenkinson, and Richard Cutmore. Happy memories of buying hot bread from Rackhams, taking a ride on my brother John's go-cart from The Billett across the road, down past the library into Stanford Close without stopping - unheard of today. Waiting at the number 10 bus-stop for 1p for the guy. Going each week for my mum to Vaughans with £1.10s for the weekly leg of lamb. A lovely place to grow up, I have lovely memories of Woodford. I now live in Cornwall but my heart will always be in Woodford Bridge.

Catching Tiddlers in The Village Pond

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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My name is Jean - maiden name being Hamy and I had a wonderful childhood living in Stanford Close. I have a brother and sister - Janet and Michael. I remember going to the pond - catching small fish and newts - taking them home. I was always playing in Ashton Playing fields pre M11 enjoying the school holidays outside. At that time my friends were Gillian Smith and Margaret Turner. I got married at St Pauls Church and my children were christened there at that time by Reverend Raynes. I still live in Essex and often think of the times growing up in Woodford Bridge.

There Was no Smith

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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This is the title of my memoirs that I published in 2010. I was born in Woodside Nursing Home, Woodford Wells on 30.11.30. My father was Dr.David H Smith, a local G.P. and we lived at 22 Primrose Road, S.Woodford until 1938. We moved to Vicarage Rd. Woodford Bridge, off Roding Lane, where we lived at St.Breock, through the war years (with many never-to-be forgoten experiences- especially the Battle of Britain), until the mid 50's, with siblings Pauline, Howard, Edwin and Christine, all of whom are still alive (Howard & Jill in N.Z.) Our parents then moved to Loughton and Frinton-on-Sea, Essex,in retirement. I was at Brooklands School, Churchfields before going to the then relatively new Buckhurst Hill County High School, Chigwell. We loved cycling in Epping Forest, and I was a keen L.T bus spotter and LNER Train spotter. Woodford holds many wonderful memories for me of the first twenty five years of my life and it was a great experience last year to return to the 50th anniversary of... Read more

My Years at Woodford Bridge

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I lived in Canfield Road, Woodford the very last house on the left hand side, right next to the cricket field. I went to the little mission (The Bridge) run alongside the tie factory. I remember Grants the shoe shop, that was also along there, and Days the florist and fruit shop, I think. I went to St. Barnabas School but sadly my mum and dad decided to move, so I wasn't there too long, but made a lot of friends especially the Girls Brigade at the little mission, and at St. Barnabas. Some might remember me because I was very small for my age (I have a dwarfism condition) If you remember me please drop me a line. Val

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The Bombed Church c1945, Woodford Green
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I was a pupil at Woodford Green Prep form 1945 to 1951. During that time I remember watching the demolition of the north wall of the the bombed building which was pulled down, and I suggest took place in '48/9? For safety reasons the work was not undertaken until the school had closed for the day, and we stood along the road to watch the event. The school entrance at that time was where the pillared gates are shown in this picture. I suggest therefore this picture is circa 1945.

King's Avenue And Its Surrounds

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I was born at 41 King's Avenue in 1947 and left the area in 1959. My brothers were born at the nursing home at end of the road. I remember particularly the shops Le Bonbon, Pudicombes, Sainsbury's (where we serverd at separate counters and paid at the back - complete with an overhead system for getting money to cashier), Tom (the fishmonger), the clock shop and the ironmongers - all on the left as you walked to the station. On the other side was the tobacconist, off licence (my used to buy 2 bottles of IPA on a Saturday), the post office with stationary area where I bought my pens for school. School was Braeside at Buckhurst Hill for me and St Albans for my brothers. Holidays were blissful, always outdoors with many hours spent in Knighton Woods, building dams, and playing hide and seek with a gang of friends, all on bikes. I also did ballet at Constance G. Gerard's ballet school also on King's Avenue. Shows were put on at... Read more

Wartime Memory

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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Not sure of the date but I remember the church being destroyed. I had just become old enough to join the fire service as a youth messenger and I was in the fire station at the top of Snakes Lane when the incident occurred. The engines turned out and when I got home I was severely told off by my mother as we had passed her clearing up the shattered glass in Johnston Road and I had not jumped off the engine to help. We were running the Cofee Bean Cafe at the time, during the air raids we took urns of tea down the shelters during the night. But I found out how hard cows are, cycling as fast as possibly heading down to the Fire Station after an alert one night and ran straight into a cow's belly - I was picked up by an air-raid warden comatose, have been like it ever since!

Woodford Bridge And St Paul's Church

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I grew up living in Moreton Gardens, my maiden name was Nicholls. I have 2 sisters Pat and Laura. My dear mum used to take us to church every Sunday morning, and I used to sing in the choir. I have some great memories of the jumble sales we had in the church hall, I would rummage through all the stuff to see if there was anything I could have. It's been a long time since I have been back to England, I now live in Queensland in Australia. I have the best memories of growing up on the council estate. I went to Roding Junior School then on to St Barnabas. I look forward to seeing photos in the future.
Anne Westbrook

A Well Remembered Book Shop

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I moved away from Woodford Green many years ago and have lived in various places since, but I still recognise Woodford Green as my home town. I have 3 vivid memories of my time living with my gran just off the green in Fairlite Avenue.
The first being the trips to the book shop on the corner of Woodford Green, High Road with my gran who at the time was head cook at the Sunset Road Junior School, I would wait for her until she left work then we would both walk to the book shop where there was always a selection of secondhand annuals with pop up pictures and gran, once or twice a week depending on funds, would buy me an annual and I can remember to this day some 60 years on the excitement first of choosing my annual then once I got home of turning the pages and being facinated by the wonderful pop up pictures. It was from these books I learned to read.
My... Read more

Goldsmith And Guinness Families.

High Road c1955, Woodford Green
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I remember being taken by a family member to see their old home in Woodford Green, their parents had lived there all of their lives. One of the family's great-great-grandfathers named Goldsmith was a domestic coachman and the families lived all around the area. Some of the children  of the family in the early part of the 20th century went to Churchfields School I believe and also Woodford Bridge. One relation Jack Goldsmith was a pupil there and later was killed on the First Day of the Somme. Other family lived at Doddinghurst and Swallows Cross. Another  relation was a great-great-grandfather, George Dowler, who was a draper and costumier around Woodford. I have a lovely photo possibly of King George's Jubilee. It is of all of the local men and this great-great-grandfather, in a top hat, outside the Jubilee Hall. I also have an autographed programme of the day that Jack Hobbs the cricketer came to speak at a dinner at the Woodford Mens Club.

Woodford Memories

Born and bred in Woodford. Had a paper round at WH Smith on the Woodford railway station. Not too bad in the summer but freeezing cold on the winter mornings. Sang in the choir at St Barnabas Church and receive 3 shillings and sixpence a month [I think] if I attended all the services and practices and a shilling for weddings. Later worked after school and Saturday morning in John's Fish Shop in the main street.
Went to Ray Lodge Primary school from 1947 till 1953. Remember the following teachers Miss Ackland head mistress, Miss Ward, Miss Chignell, Mr Evans, Miss Cool, Mr Briggs, Mr Arnold, Miss Nichols. Moved on to St Barnabas Secondary. Worked at Harvey Hudsons in South Woodford after finishing school. Attended Judo Clubs at St Barnabas Secondary School twice a week and dances there on Friday nights. Favourite drinking hole was either the Woodman in Snakes Lane or the Cricketers up at the Green. Left Woodford in... Read more

Keynsham Avenue Slinger Family

I, alongside four sisters, were were born at number 7 Keynsham Avenue. My grandfather owned the house before my parents. I attended Woodford Green Primary School with my younger sister from 1968 onwards. The names of the neighbours I remember were as follows, Edgar, Banfield, Pamenter, Brett, Miles, Althorpe. We played for hours around Highams park lake and the park at the bottom of Keynsham Avenue. I left Keynsham Avenue with the rest of the family in 1978. I now live in the North east of England but still from time to time view Keynsham Avenue on Google map so many memories. Aged 51 i would love to go back and walk those streets again so many memories .

St Barnabas School For Girls

A very small window for any results, but, would anyone remember a SANDRA IRENE NELSON who attended the above school in the years 1958+? She resided in Fairfield Rd for the duration of her childhood years. Please contact me if you remember her. I am her daughter but seek more information about her as she passed away in 2008 and we were estranged for many years.

Sky Reals Road

My mother came from Woodford Green. She met and married my dad when they were in the army. I would often go down with my mam to see my granda.

I remember one particular time going with my cousin up to the forest at the top of the street which I think was Epping Forest and getting lost. We finally stumbled upon the swimming pool and were able to find our way back from there.

Woodford Green Primary School

I was born at St Margaret's hospital, Epping in 1967. I remember my first day at school and being terrified! I remember every teacher with fondness. The green surrounding the school was an extension to the playground and you had to be able to hear the bell! This was rung by a senior pupil who ran the perimeter of the building whilst shaking a large hand held bell before returning it to the teacher's desk. I lived Chingford Lane so always walked the field to access the school via the railing! The headmistress in 1972 was Miss Pork who, shortly after, retired and was replaced by Mr Stanley. The church beside the school was always host to the school Christmas play. aI was lways a loner at school and haven't changed much over the years! I was fortunate to be able to rewalk my steps in the school in recent years, courtesy of the caretaker. The old hall remains frozen in time! The familiar apparatus housed against the walls just... Read more

Wartime Memories

Mr Geoff Duff's memories sent to you on 27th July 2008 gave me such a surprise. I too remember the strange woman who would walk down to Woodford Station around 3.30 in the afternoon every day summer and winter obviously to meet a loved one who never returned from the war. She was quite tall (about 5 foot 9 inches) and plump and she wore a pale peach satin dress with a dropped waistline, two long strings of pearls across her chest, brown crimped hair, and a tiara on her head (1920s style). She often looked so cold as her legs were bare. She wore brown court shoes which had a strap and button across the front and she carried a large brown handbag. I would set her age at about the mid fifties then, so in 1956 I guess she would be about 68. As a child of about seven years of age I was both scared and fascinated when I saw her approaching us on the quiet... Read more

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