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Wootton Fitzpaine

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The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

I was about 3 years old when the present Queen was crowned. Us children went up to the manor house where they held a party outside. I remember someone with a cine camera filming the event. I have always wondered what became of that film which almost certainly showed me enjoying the party. I lived at the village post office and general store and knew everyone in the village as I used to serve in the shop from the age of about six. The post office and shop have long since gone and the vilage school has closed. They still have the village club but they never had any pubs. However, researching the village's history I have found out that Knapp Farm was origially a coaching inn called The old Knapp Inn. That closed in 1910. I used to play in that farm house with the farmer's daughter Kay Huxter. I was alway's puzzled as to why they had two separate staircases in that house and a bay window which... Read more

Dorset memories

Great Great Grandpa

Village 1890, Charmouth
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I was delighted to find this photograph as the Edward Archer Vince who owned the shop shown and mentionned in the text was my Great Great Grandfather and my Great Grandfather Frederick Harold Vince grew up here.....

My Dad

Church of St Candida From West 1900, Whitchurch Canonicorum
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My Dad
The church at Whitchurch is a lovely place to wander and muse. My father died out shooting at Mapperton when I was 11, and what a terrible shock it was.

What is nice for me now, 25 years later, is to still be able to walk down through the village past the 5 Bells pub, or over the lovely rolling fields, to the church yard where his grave lies amongst the rustling of the trees, birds chatting to each other, gentle sunshine making patterns on the grass as it peeks through the trees, and a general sense of timelessness and peace that I have found over recent years to be so soothing.

What a special place!!

Childhood Memories

Castle Hill 1904, Lamberts Castle
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I was born at Hill View Lamberts Castle in the 1940s. Mum use to run a small tea rooms and I remember a hiking organisation called the Holiday Fellowship calling their once a week. No mains water, electricity or gas made running the tea rooms a difficult job. She had to walk 200 yards for buckets of water from a stream from the nearby woods. I have many many memories of those years.

Lambert's Castle

I remember going to Lamberts Castle fair as a small child sometime around 1955. The fair was run by the Herbert family but they stopped running it sometime in the mid 1950s because it was not financially viable. I understand at one time the fair included horse racing and existed because of a royal charter.

My Grandparents And Visits to Them

My grandparents William and Amelia Love lived in Ryall. My grandmother purchased the cottage they lived in on her marriage. They had three sons Wilfred, Howard and Edward. My father Howard died in 2007. I don't think the village has changed that much since I used to visit as a child when I used to play with the children on a farm just down from my grandparents and cousins. I last visited Ryall in 1994 to pay my respects at the burial site of my grandparents in Whitchurch Canonicorum St Wyte cemetary.

The Love Family

My grandfather William Love was born at the cottage attached to the butcher and slaughterhouse at the foot of Love Lane. This Lane was named after his father (my great-grandfather). William Love worked at the Moore's bakery for 30 years. I have never lived in this area and would love to hear any memories anyone may have. My father was Howard John Love.

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