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I remember Kew Boat House which was on the edge of Brentford. There were adults downstairs with a little dance floor. Upstairs was where I went. A feast of acts. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, The Cadilacs, Joe Brown and the Bruvvers, Clive Dowling and the Blue Stars. Half time stepping out onto the towpath and looking (...Read full memory)

I went to school at the house, in the grounds, of Boston Manor Park from 1951-1953. I have very fond memories of this school, Miss Stevenson being the head and Mrs Clark the other teacher. We used to do nature walks around the lake and into the woods and I remember seeing a tramp who appeared to live in the park. We had (...Read full memory)

Hello Eunice and Arthur Burridge, remember me, Gary Matthews? Arthur, you nicknamed me Avenue, Eunice, I was in love with you. I could not believe it when I came upon this site and see your names there. I have had a funny sort of life, came to Australia 1970, divorced 1977, married 1980, divorced 1998, married (...Read full memory)

I lived in Hamilton Road from 1940 until approx 1958. (my name then was Mortlock) I went to Ealing Road School and then Brentford Secondary Modern. I remember the air raid shelter at the top of Hamilton Road and hearing the sirens and seeing bomb sites etc. The High Street was full of old fashioned shops, a bakers and a shop (...Read full memory)

I was born on the Clayponds estate, i fact my sister slill lives in that area. I went to Lionel Road School, later I attended Chiswick Grammer. I roamed all the old areas around Brentford; the Queens Hall was a regular haunt twice a week, Brentford Football Club when playing. I married a girl, Jean Maslin, from Kenley (...Read full memory)

Hi my name is Barbara Ottewill (Nee Hutchinson). I have just had a very enjoyable walk down memory lane by reading articles about growing up in Brentford, written by Alf Winkworth, Eunice Burridge and Pat Gardiner (to name a few), friends that I knew in my childhood years when I lived at 3 Bedford (...Read full memory)

I have noticed a lack of memories of Boston Manor although it has a underground station and a sizeable population. I will start with the shops I remember in the 1950/60. Going towards Hanwell on the right hand side there was an estate agents. Next was Renee hairdressers. The International stores (a sort of little (...Read full memory)

Does any one remember these times on the 6th floor and passenger revenue floors 9 and 10. Some names Tom Abel. Ray Pullen. June Hills. Milla Pucholt Phylis Palmer Jean Elmy Hilda Jordan Jim Simpson Gregg Smee Sheila Groves Charmaine Faith Brian Thornett Pam Cox John Tarbutt Bill Studd Jean Inglis (...Read full memory)

I remember lots of my old school friends names. I was born in Brentford, I went to Ealing Road School first. Then to Brentford Secondry Modern School. We moved to Bedford in 1961. I remember many of my old school friend's names.

My name is Ian Powell and lived at 48 Kew Bridge Road opposite the Plough and Waggon & Horses P/H. We arrived in 1947 when I was 6 mths old. I also had a younger sister Lynne who sadly passed earlier this year. Our house was prominent as it was the base for Globe Haulage whose lorries were constantly turning into the yard (...Read full memory)