Chipping Ongar, High Street c.1955

Memories of Chipping Ongar

Does anyone remember Ongar Secondary School? My maiden name was Marner, I had a brother Fred and a sister Stella, we lived at Cripsey Road, Shelley. I married a Brian Chaston who lived in Rodney Road. We often wonder who is still alive from our school days. We were invited to a school reunion a few years ago (...Read full memory)

I went to Ongar Secondary School in th 1950s. Does anyone have any photos of the school as I know it is no longer there?

I attended Ongar Secondary School from 1945 to 1949. Some of the students I remember were Keith Mills (we were longtime friends, he passed away 2005), Len Shuttleworth, Hugh Brace, Brian Buttle, Jim Parrish, Marion Jennings, Don Eustice, Gordon Knight, Annie Stanford, Bumper Richardson and (...Read full memory)

Was this the lovely little building on the south east corner of the roundabout at the top of Ongar ("The Four Wantz"?) as you head out northwards? It was allowed to decay and eventually disappeared. It had unusual shaped windows and must have been very old, made out of wattle and daub. Now the area at the (...Read full memory)

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