Frith images on Wallpaper

Add Frith images to custom-printed Wallpaper

Create custom-printed Wallpaper from Frith photos

The quality of most Frith photos is so good they can be enlarged to create wall sized enlargements. As you can see from the photos on this page, a wall filled with a single photograph has enormous impact.

These are supplied as wallpaper and can be as large as 19ft wide and 11ft high! Choose from busy street scenes to beautiful landscapes – they will all provide a real "WOW" factor!

Let's get started! Use our simple tool to select your enter your dimensions and then select your image.

Start making your Wallpaper!

It's so easy to create a Wallpaper

All you need to do is select the photo(s) you want and give us the dimensions you would like to fill. It can be part or all of a wall – the choice is yours. Simply tell us the dimensions for each photograph and we will check the images will enlarge suitably and then print and deliver it to you in even width wallpaper rolls ready to paste and hang in the normal way. Start today!

The technical low-down

The minimum sizes are 100cm on the shortest length and 160cm on the other. All our photographs tend to be in the ratio of 1.6: 1 ( i.e. 1.6 times on the longest dimension and one on the other) so if you want wallpaper that is to fill a square wall we will need to select the area of the images which is important to you and crop anything that will be outside the dimensions you require – you can do this on the following pages as you place your order. Start today!

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