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Christmas Delivery

It's now too late to order window blinds in time for Christmas. Orders can still be placed, but they will most likely arrive after Christmas or in the new year.

Create your own window into the past

Frith photos are now available printed direct onto made-to-measure window blinds and available in either a semi-transparent or blackout fabric finish and fully customisable to fit your window and decor at home.

How to begin...

To create your Window Blind, browse our Archive to find the photo you would like, then select Window Blinds from the list of available options.

Frith Photo Window Blinds

Quality that is guaranteed to last

Only the best components are used in the manufacture of our Window Blinds. Robust aluminium tubes and top quality fabrics that are water resistant and easy to clean. Our Window Blinds are washable with a mild detergent, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Guidance at every step of the ordering process

We guide you through the process to create your blind, from working out how to measure your window to selecting the best options for you. The steps are very simple and easy to follow, but we're always here to help if you need it.

Proudly made in the U.K.

All blinds from Frith are designed, printed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and even though the system is fully automated and based online, you can be sure that every product we sell is checked to make sure it's perfect before it starts its journey to your home.

Fabric Types

Choose Semi-transparent or Blackout for your Window Blind.


It allows you to see the view through the window whilst maintaining an element of privacy from outside, particularly during daytime hours. Offers additional protection from solar glare makes them the ideal blind for larger windows where you wish to maintain a degree of light. Not recommended if complete privacy is required.


The blackout fabric will block much of the light that would enter the window when the blinds are down. It is important to note that some light may still enter around the edges of the blind. Suitable for bedrooms, TV rooms and other applications where darkness matters.

Fitting Options

You have the option to fit your Window Blind inside or outside your window recess.

Inside the Window Recess

Selecting this option means the blind fits immediately in front of your windows. Use this if you still want to use curtains in addition to a blind.

Outside the Window Recess

When fitted on the outside of the window recess, the blind is normally attached to the wall above the window and covers the top, left and right edges.

Hardware Finish Colour

Choose from either black or white hardware for your Window Blind.


Black blind roller mechanism covers and black-chrome bottom bar end caps complement a modern look.


White hardware covers and chrome end caps look great anywhere.

Control Location

Decide whether you want to operate your Window Blind from the left or the right hand side.


The chain to operate your blind will be installed on the left hand side.


We will add the chain to open and close your blind to the right hand side.

In line with the new legislation, all relevant products are tested to ensure they are compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS En13120. All our fabrics are certified flame retardant, conforming to British standards, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Find a Photo for a Window Blind

To create your Window Blind, browse our Archive to find the photo you would like, then select Window Blinds from the list of available options.

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